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Analyze in Excel or Inforiver for Power BI – for Ad-hoc Analysis?

Like pretty much any piece of software, Power BI has multiple ways to solve any given problem. In this article today, I'm going to explain why you might want to use the Inforiver custom visual instead of using the standard Analyse in Excel capability that comes with Power BI. Why Does Analyze in Excel Even […]

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Inforiver Enterprise July 2022 Update  

Welcome to the Inforiver Enterprise July 2022 update. We are thrilled to announce several new features and key enhancements most anticipated by our Inforiver community! Key enhancements in this 1.6 release are listed below. Feel free to jump to any specific section for more details. Data Input Columns enabling data capture in reading mode – […]

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Inforiver Matrix July 2022 Update  

Welcome to the Inforiver Matrix July 2022 update. We are thrilled to announce several new features and key enhancements (for all the editions) most anticipated by our Inforiver community!    Note: Version 1.6 will be released on the website this Sunday, 24th July so as to minimize the impact of downtime. Key enhancements in this 1.6 […]

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Microsoft Power BI Partner Solutions Begins a new Era Today!

Historically, the BI add-on solutions such as custom visuals have been very challenging to monetize for Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partners across all BI platforms. But Microsoft’s announcement at the Inspire conference today on enabling direct transactability and license management ushers in a new golden era for everyone – ISV partners, Customers and Microsoft. With […]

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Data-Driven Comments & Conversations in Power BI

In the preceding blogs, we looked at why sales meetings are inefficient and how you can enter and edit sales forecasts in a Power BI report. Let us now look at how you can add data-level comments and facilitate conversations with your peers directly from within your Power BI report. We will use the same […]

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10 Key Considerations for Choosing a Writeback Solution in Power BI

You have probably explored using Microsoft Power Apps for data writeback from a Power BI report. In one of our previous posts, we learnt how this approach is a bit harder than it should be for business users, and yet more restrictive for advanced use cases. Since BI platforms & tools are optimized for reading […]

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Input & Edit Sales Forecasts in a Power BI Report

In the preceding blog, we looked at why sales meetings in many organizations are inefficient. Now let us explore how the combination of Inforiver & Power BI can transform your sales meetings using a sample scenario. The sales manager at ACME Corp meets with the sales team every Monday to discuss and capture the latest […]

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Driving Productive Sales Meetings using Power BI

Weekly sales meetings are common a occurrence across organizations. A Sales Manager relies on periodic meetings to keep a pulse on the team’s performance and validates sales pipeline to ensure that the team is on track to meet the objectives. However, most sales meetings today are not run efficiently. Let us explore this with an […]

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Why Writeback using Power BI + Power Apps is Not for Everyone

A standard option to write back data from a Power BI report to a database is by integrating Power Apps with Power BI. What is Power Apps? Power Apps is a service that helps users build and use apps that connect to business data. How does writeback happen using Power BI + Power Apps? You […]

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5 Reasons why Writeback is required in a Modern BI Stack

Almost all enterprise visualization software (including Power BI, Tableau, Spotfire, Qlik etc.,) do NOT provide database writeback as a capability out-of-the-box. One reason for this can be attributed to their origins in the BI platform ecosystem. It mainly consists of Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) systems that are read-optimized. Think of your enterprise data warehouse that […]

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