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The fastest way to

writeback in Power BI

writeback power bi

Write back data

Save your Power BI report data to an on-premise or cloud database, shared folders or custom URLs

Write back comments

Writeback cell-level comments and conversations along with data

Save forecasts & projections

Drive collaborative forecasts, projections & simulations seamlessly using writeback

Write back select measures

Choose which measures need to be written back dynamically at runtime

Write back filtered records

Write back a filtered subset of data dynamically at runtime

Save data entered in reading view

Manually key in data and save them to destination(s) in the reading view

Update other visuals live

Update other visuals automatically on performing writeback using the automatic writeback feature

Manage destinations & permissions

Allow specific users in your organization to write back; admins can create and control writeback destinations

Writeback activity log

Catalog all writeback activities for monitoring and troubleshooting

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1. Write back data 

Save your Power BI report data to an on-premise or cloud database of your choice. Inforiver supports Azure SQL, SQL Server, Snowflake, BigQuery, SAP HANA, PostgreSQL and MySQL​.

You can also write back data to shared folders such as OneDrive and SharePoint or to URL endpoints.

We are adding support for additional destinations in the upcoming releases.

Coming soon - Dataverse​

Writeback destinations

2. Write back commentary

Write back commentary

Save cell-level comments and conversations in your Power BI report along with your data.

You do not have to write any code to set this up.

3. Save budgets & forecasts

The writeback ability allows you to save your sales projections, business plans, budgets, and the results of what-if simulations and scenario analyses.

Save budgets & forecasts

4. Write back select measures

Write back select measures

Write back only specific measures instead of all the data in your Power BI report.

Your report may have several KPIs and observations, but you may want to save only specific measures, such as sales projections for the current period. This can be set up dynamically during runtime.

5. Write back filtered data​​​​​​

Write back only a filtered subset of data (e.g., data for a specific sales channel in EMEA)​. You do not need to write back all the data in the report.

You may have 2000 records in your report, but the region you are interested in may have only 10 records. The filter criteria can be set up dynamically at runtime.

Write back filtered data​​​​​​

6. Capture & save data from users in reading view

Allow report users to manually key-in and save data in viewing mode

Save data entered by users in reading view

7. Update other visuals live​

Other visuals in the report which are configured using the writeback table are automatically updated without the need for a report refresh. This is made possible by the ‘Automatic writeback’ capability delivered by Inforiver.

Live update other visuals ​

8. Permissions & authorization

User permissions​

Exercise control over the writeback process as needed.

You may allow report authors to set up their own writeback destinations, or have administrators centrally set it up.

A report author can control which users are authorized to write back data. By default, all users with access to the report can perform a writeback.

The report author can also decide whether writeback should be permitted in reading view.


9. Writeback activity log​​​​​​​ 

Catalog all the writeback activities for monitoring and troubleshooting.

Writeback activity log​​​​​​​ 

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