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You are currently viewing the Licensing & Payments FAQ. For other questions, refer Analytics+ , Reporting Matrix and Writeback Matrix.


1. How does Inforiver work?

Inforiver is available as a standalone visual App for Microsoft Power BI in Microsoft AppSource. It could be directly installed from AppSource in seconds both from your Power BI desktop or in Power BI Service (Web) . It can also be imported into Microsoft Power BI desktop or service as a .PBIVIZ file, and can also be published as an Organization visual by your Power BI admin. Once imported and pinned, it gets listed in the Visualization pane of your Power BI report, which you can use to build your reports.

Note that you do not require any database, server, or external service to run Reporting Matrix.

2. Does Inforiver require any specific Power BI license?

No, Inforiver works good in any Power BI license including (Power BI Pro and Power BI Premium).

3. Is Inforiver Microsoft Certified?

Reporting Matrix and Analytics+ is Microsoft Certified as of May 2022. This allows customers to easily upgrade and manage their Inforiver reports without worrying about migrating from one edition to another.

4. Does Inforiver store my data outside our company’s environment?

No. All your data is retained only within the visual and your Power BI report when you use Reporting Matrix. It is NOT stored or transferred outside your company’s environment. Certified Power BI visuals are Power BI visuals in AppSource that meet the Microsoft Power BI team code requirements. These visuals are tested to verify that they don't access external services or resources, and that they follow secure coding patterns and guidelines.

There are some exceptions when you use the Writeback Matrix– where use cases such as write-back (to a database), scheduling/bursting of reports or collaborative commenting capabilities are required. For these specific use cases, you will require an external database or server. There are two possible options here - (a) using secure Azure workspace hosted by Inforiver where data is stored in an encrypted manner, or (b) customers with data security concerns can self-host within their network in their private azure tenant so that data security or external network communication concerns are addressed. We recommend that you read Writeback Matrix FAQ for more information.

5. Does Inforiver require any database or server to run?

No. Reporting Matrix does not require any database, server, service, or assistance from your IT team as it is a Microsoft Power BI Certified Visual.

However, for specific use cases when using the Writeback Matrix – such as writeback data (to a database) or scheduling reports (using a server) – external infrastructure may be needed. We recommend that you read Writeback Matrix FAQ for more information.

6. How complex is the installation process?

Installing Inforiver takes less than a minute. Visit Get Started for installation details.

7. Do I require the permission of the Power BI Administrator to install or use these visuals after purchasing them?

You can import these visuals into Power BI on your own as mentioned here: Install Inforiver for yourself.

However, we recommend that you use the Organizational Custom Visual repository (OCV) to host our visuals for your users, for which you will need your administrator’s help. Refer to Installing Inforiver for your organization.

8. Do we need to install the visual for each intended user of the report?

If Inforiver is added as part of OCV, users will be able to access the visual by importing the visual from Organizational Visuals.

If the visual is not added as part of OCV, the visual .PBIVIZ file has to be shared with the intended users who need to install following the steps mentioned here: Install Inforiver for yourself.

We recommend purchasing Inforiver from Appsource as it facilitates license procurement, administration & usage seamlessly through a trusted framework. To learn how to set up, pay for, and manage licenses for custom Power BI visuals purchased from Appsource, refer to this article.

9. I have some technical questions on Inforiver. Where can I get additional information?

There is an active Inforiver community where you can post your questions, share ideas and feedback.

If you have a paid subscription, you may also reach out to our helpdesk (you would have received our helpdesk details in your welcome email upon purchasing).

10. Where can I find the Inforiver Terms of Service and End User License Agreement (EULA)?

You can find our End User License Agreement here.


1. How does Inforiver licensing work?

Inforiver is available on a monthly or annual subscription basis and is licensed based on the number of users irrespective of whether they are content creators/developers or consumers (viewers/readers). You would need a license for all unique users who would create, or view reports created with Inforiver.

Visit Microsoft Appsource to purchase licenses for Reporting Matrix and Analytics+. Subscription is available by tier and the fee varies based on the product and plans. To learn how to set up, pay for, and manage licenses for custom Power BI visuals purchased from AppSource, refer to this article.

To purchase Writeback Matrix (SaaS), visit here. For Writeback Matrix (On-Prem), contact us for a quote.

2. Are your licenses Concurrent?

Our licensing follows ‘unique user’ model instead of ‘concurrent user’ model. In other words, licenses need to be purchased for the total number of unique users (creators/editors and viewers) for the period and not just for the number of users simultaneously or concurrently using Inforiver.

3. Are licenses transferable between users?

In situations where an employee is permanently leaving your team or organization, you can transfer the license to another employee or user. In other words, you are required to possess enough licenses to cover every unique user (whether creator or viewer) accessing reports containing Inforiver visual(s) every month but you can transfer only when employees leave the organization or the team or no longer need access to reports built with Inforiver.

4. If a user is accessing reports containing an Inforiver visual in different ways, does this add to multiple counts of license usage?

No. Our usage is on a per-unique-user basis. If a user internal to your organization accesses reports containing a visual in different ways – such as through a web portal, Power BI service as well as through Microsoft Teams – it still only counts as a single usage of the license.

Please note that this is not the case for users external to your organization.

5. Can I deploy the licensed visuals on multiple tenants?

Licenses purchased permit deployment of all reports only on a SINGLE Power BI tenant (domain, service, report server etc). This is also mentioned in our End User License Agreement here.

Customers who need to deploy in multiple Power BI Tenants are usually large enterprises or companies with global subsidiaries or those that have OEM use cases. We request them to contact us separately as they are usually large volume SKU purchases.

6. I am creating reports for a customer of mine and deploying all reports on their environment. How do I purchase the licenses?

You may request your customer to purchase the licenses for deployment in their environment and request them to allot a license to you. Alternately, you can still purchase the licenses for your customer, and have it shipped to them – however in this case, you will (a) own the licenses, (b) be responsible for upholding the terms & conditions, (c) responsible for renewals and cancellations. Please note that the ownership of the licenses CANNOT be transferred or assigned to your customer or any other entity.

7. I am using Inforiver on Power BI Report Server, how do I purchase licenses?

As the new Microsoft Licensing API does not support Report Server, Inforiver licenses need to be purchased from our website here. Reach out to us in case of any queries.

8. Can we build our own product incorporating Inforiver and sell it to our customers for a license or 
subscription free? (OEM licensing)

Yes. For bundling (OEM) Inforiver fully or partially with your own products or services to your customers or any third party, separate licensing plan is available. This would be based on the number of developers or customers. Contact us to learn more.

9. Can we build Power BI reports which can be consumed by external organizations for a service fee? (Embedded licensing)

Yes. For embedding Inforiver fully or partially with your own products or services, separate licensing plan is available. This would be based on the number of developers. Contact us to learn more.

Website Purchases

1. I would like to purchase Inforiver using a Purchase Order (PO). Can you generate an invoice with the PO reference?

Yes, while making payment online, there is an optional field to enter your PO details. This number will be reflected in the invoice sent to you.

2. Can I pay for Inforiver purchase offline (e.g., bank transaction, wire, or a cheque)?

Offline payments are supported for transactions that are > USD 1000 per annum equivalent. Please note that this is applicable only for annual subscriptions. Reach out to sales (at) Inforiver (dot) com for more details.

3. How are licenses delivered? How long does it take?

Licenses are delivered electronically to the shipping email address that you provide at the time of checkout. For Credit Card payments, the process is entirely automated – as soon as we charge the card, the licenses are automatically dispatched. It may take ten (10) minutes for you to receive it in your email and do check your Junk/Spam folders before reaching out. In case of PO-based payments, licenses are dispatched within 48 hours (working day hours) after the payment has been made in full.

4. How do I cancel auto-renewal?

By default, all online subscriptions will auto-renew at the end of each billing period. Auto-renewal can be cancelled by contacting our Inforiver support team at least 30 days prior to the renewal date for annual subscriptions and 5 business days for monthly subscriptions.

5. How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription very easily as we offer monthly subscription and cancel any-time option as well. However, for annual subscription we allow cancellation only within the first 30 days and in fact, we recommend everyone to try our product extensively before making annual subscription purchases. You can cancel your subscription from the customer portal

6. If I cancel my subscription in the middle of my subscription period, will I get a refund?

For monthly subscriptions, you can opt to cancel auto-renewal any time. If you are in the very first month of subscription, the fee will be refunded to you.

For annual subscriptions, you will receive a 100% refund if you cancel within the first 30 days. 

7. How long does it take to get the refund?

The refund amount will be credited in 5-7 business days.

8. Can we make changes to the EULA to modify the terms and conditions?

As a policy, we do not make changes to our standard EULA. If you still need any changes to the agreement as an exception, you will be charged an additional one-time fee to cover our legal and administrative expenses for custom agreement. Also, these are done only for companies that are looking at enterprise level purchase volumes on a case-by-case basis.

Partners & Resellers

1. I am a reseller looking at purchasing Inforiver for my client/customer. Can I do so directly through the website?

Yes. Once you hit the "Get a Quote" option to proceed to check out, just enter your customer’s details as the shipping details for the products you are purchasing. To do this, you will need to check the option labelled “Licensing it to a different user or company?”

FAQ - Inforiver - Licensing it to a different user or company

PO Number can also be entered during checkout. The invoice will be sent to the email address provided in ‘Billing Details’ section, and the licenses will be electronically shipped to the shipping email address.

2. Do you offer reseller or partner discounts for Inforiver?

Currently, we do not offer discounts to resellers or partners. However, we will be launching a partner program soon. Please drop your details here if you are interested in receiving updates when we launch it.

3. If I purchase Inforiver visuals for a customer, who is liable for the renewals? Is it me or the customer?

While the licenses are delivered to your customer, you are the owner of the licenses. This means that renewals or cancellations of these licenses are your responsibility. Ownership of the licenses CANNOT be transferred or assigned to your customer or any other entity.

4. I need to submit a quote to my customer for their approval to procure Inforiver licenses for them. Can you provide us with a quote?

We can issue a quote provided the purchase amount is greater than USD 1,000. Please note that we only provide quotes addressed directly to your customer and not to resellers.

Premium developer license

1. Is Premium per-developer license supporting unlimited viewers available?

The Premium developer license has been discontinued since Feb 2024.

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