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This dashboard visualizes sales and profit across categories using Inforiver Analytics+ and Reporting Matrix

sales and profit across categories

Inforiver Analytics+ is used along with native Power BI visuals and slicers

native Power BI visuals

A sample dashboard showing YoY Sales by continents using Integrated Variance charts; also features KPI cards and sparklines

integrated variance charts

A dashboard showcasing YoY Sales at a quarter level using bar and pin charts in Reporting Matrix

Inforiver Matrix​ YoY Sales

A product analysis dashboard showcasing Horizontal Waterfall + Column charts for monthly sales compared to the prior year

horizontal waterfall column charts

A product analysis dashboard showing a comparison of quantity across quarters; uses Charts and KPI cards in the header

charts and KPI cards

Use Stacked charts to visualize contribution by categories or segments; also showcases bar charts and KPI cards

stacked charts

Compare values for two years using Tornado charts; doughnut chart is used to show composition in the header

tornado charts

A sales analysis dashboard showing sales, profit & discount using a Variance Column chart

varaince column chart

Compare product sales and quarterly performance with KPI Summary, Spline and Variance Column chart

product and quarterly comparison

A survey report visualizing the passengers by age, flight class, gender and flight hours.

 Airline Passenger Survey

Passenger rating across airline services is analyzed using a heatmap.


Time Intelligence analysis of sales, cost, and quantity across months, regions, products, and business divisions.

Time intelligence analysis LY

Analyse performance of sales, cost, profit and quanitity with Waterfall and Variance chart.

Time intelligence analysis LM

Plot each measure in a separate chart (Measure-based small multiple)

Two dimensional measure based small multiple

Create two-dimensional small multiples with Measures in rows

Two dimensional small multiple

Leverage exclusive visualizations such as the executive funnel chart to track your Sales and Marketing Conversion

Sales and Marketing conversion

Visualize relationships between KPIs of different scales or units of measures (UoM) on a single chart using dual-axis charts

KPIs of different scales

Apply pre-set or custom Conditional Formatting rules; ranges can be configured and set as alerting thresholds using Comparison Band

conditional formatting

Highlight and configure Multiple Deviations between various quarters or products to make your dashboard more insightful

multiple deviations

Incorporate Analytical Elements such as reference band and trend lines using a no-code interface

analytical elements

Use horizontal/vertical Stacked Breakdown waterfall charts to visualize contribution across two dimensions

horizontal vertical stacked breakdown waterfall charts

One of the mostly requested features by the Power BI community - Measure driven data labels - is now in Inforiver

measure driven data labels inforiver

Export your chart visuals as Pixel-perfect PDF reports

pixel-perfect PDF reports ​Inforiver

An executive analysis of a company’s HR equality practices based on gender, job role, and region.

HR Data Analysis

Employee satisfaction analysis across month, branch and age.

Employee analysis

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