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Writeback Matrix Pricing

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Inforiver Named Users

You would need a license for all unique named users who would input data / collaborate with comments tasks / notifications with AD authentication & login. (viewers in Power BI Service are free)

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Enterprise (SaaS) This is the public cloud option - a multi-tenant cloud service running on Inforiver's Azure cloud with standard data security, retention and encryption practices. This option takes just 1 minute to sign up. In 5 minutes, you will be on your way to building your first Inforiver report. The pricing is your true monthly OPEX cost. Disclaimer: Fair usage policies apply.

$ 10 /user/month billed @ $1,500/mo
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Use Cases

Everything available in Premium +



Schedule and burst reports

Enterprise Themes

Disclaimer: Fair usage policies apply.

Enterprise (On-Prem) This is the private cloud option - A dedicated Inforiver service running on your Azure tenant providing you with the security, comfort and isolation offered by your private network.

$ 24,0000 /year
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More Details

Starting at $24K of initial investment - Inforiver Enterprise could be made available for customers who opt for secure private cloud tenant deployment in their network. Customers can utilize this base deployment for up to 50 named users who could input data or collaborate with audit and AD authentication. There are no viewing charges inside Power BI Service customers as long as they don't have to log in. However, schedule recipients count beyond the licensed number of enterprise users are not free.

  • Additional deployment, implementation, and upgrade costs are optional but recommended to install and maintain Inforiver Azure/AWS Backend Services in your Azure/AWS Tenant.
  • Azure/AWS Template customization charges apply separately if deviated from our standard container templates
  • we also recommend customers to purchase consulting time to get assistance in designing your write-back solution.

* Unlimited users organizational/Site Licensing and high-volume discounted pricing are available. Large Enterprises and customers with over 1,000 users can get negotiated custom pricing agreements.

** Customers must handle and manage their own Azure/AWS consumption costs post-implementation and customers can also scale up/scale down their Azure/AWS Infrastructure with this private tenant deployment model.

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About Inforiver!
Inforiver is the fastest way to do everything in Power BI. It enables citizen developer productivity and unleashes true self-service with our intuitive and interactive no-code data app suite for Microsoft Power BI. The product is developed by Lumel Technologies Inc, who are #1 Power BI Visuals AppSource Partner serving over 3,000+ customers worldwide with their xViz, Inforiver, and ValQ offerings.
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