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Appsource Purchase FAQ

You are currently viewing the Appsource purchase FAQ. For other questions, refer Analytics+, Reporting Matrix, and Writeback Matrix.


1. Who can purchase Inforiver licenses?

Anyone who has access to a credit card can purchase licenses and assign the rights to themselves or others. The purchaser need not be an Office365 or Power BI administrator and can even be a casual Power BI user.

2. Can I buy in local currency?

Yes. Commercial marketplace offerings can be purchased in 141 geographies as defined by the customer's billing address, and transactions can be completed in 17 currencies. Refer this page for more details.

Note that you can only pay through the currency set up in your payment method.

3. How can I pay for the licenses?

When you purchase from Microsoft AppSource, you can use an existing payment method, or add a new one. You can use a credit or debit card, or bank account. If the purchaser is an administrator of Office365 or Power BI, then they can use the Invoice/PO method if it is already established with Microsoft.

If your business account has a billing profile, and you are a billing profile owner or billing profile contributor, you can use the billing profile that's backed by a credit card or invoice payment to make purchases or pay bills.

If you're a billing invoice manager, you can only use a billing profile to pay bills. To learn more about billing profiles and roles, see manage billing profiles.

If your business account doesn't have a billing profile, any Global or Billing admin can manage and use any bank account that is added to the business account. However, you can only manage or use credit cards that you add. For more details, visit manage payment methods.

4. Can I pay by invoice?

If you're a billing or global admin of the Power BI tenant, you have the option of paying through invoicing. For more details on paying by invoice, refer here.

5. How do we know Invoice Pay is enabled for our Tenant?

If you are a Global Billing Admin for your Microsoft Account or the Power BI Administrator, you can find out if you can use Invoice Pay by checking the status in Billing Accounts. Alternatively, this information is also available on the Azure portal.

6. How can I add a purchase order number to the transaction?

Refer here for the steps to add a purchase order number.

7. I am unable to complete payment. What should I do?

Refer to these troubleshooting steps. If your issue is not resolved, contact Microsoft support.

8. How do I know if someone in my company has already purchased Inforiver?

If you're a company administrator, sign in to the Microsoft 365 admin center to see all subscriptions and to whom they're assigned. If you aren't an administrator, contact the administrator in your company.

9. I have purchased Writeback Matrix from Appsource and I am not able to sign in to the visual. What should I do?

If you are unable to sign in, it means azure services setup for your Power BI tenant has not been configured. Please contact us here with the details of your AppSource purchase.

10. Can I use Inforiver purchased through Microsoft Appsource in Power BI Report Server?

No. For use in Report Server, licenses need to be purchased from the Inforiver website.

Premium developer license

1. Is Premium per-developer license supporting unlimited viewers available?

The Premium developer license has been discontinued since Feb 2024.

2. Is license exchange possible between two developers?

No. This pricing plan is not designed for exchanging licenses between 2 developers as these are named and not concurrent licenses. Customers will have to buy 2 developers license for the 2 developers. However, no viewer license is required for reports created with this developer license. If only one 1 developer license is purchased, then only that developer can edit and publish that report. The license is tied to that developer and licensing is managed by Microsoft just like Office 365 licenses.

3. What happens if the developer leaves the organization?

As part of Microsoft’s license management and administration, there is an option for the Power BI administrator to take over the developer license when the developer leaves the company and reassign it. You can read more here -

4. Can we also buy per user licensing plans for some teams in conjunction?

Yes. Customers can buy per user licensing plans in combinations and mix and match with the premium developer license. Per user license (each user can be a developer as well) plans are usually recommended for small companies as the price per developer might be expensive when the company has only 10 – 20 employees. For large companies – we offer volume discounting at per user licensing that it might be cheaper to buy per user licensing for large enterprises (over 1000 Power BI pro users with more than 5K viewers). We also offer unlimited user company-wide site licenses as a private plan.

Assign license

1. Who can assign licenses after the purchase is complete?

Purchasers can assign the licenses by going to -> Billing -> Licenses of the product (Inforiver) and assigning to their team members. If the tenant admin owns the licenses (Org licenses), then any of the license admins (Global Admin, License Admin or User Admin) can manage the licenses.
However, if the subscription owner isn't an admin, then only the purchaser can manage the subscription and licenses.

2. How do we assign the licenses?

Go to and select the License link under the Billing node from the menu. A list of visuals will appear.

Select the visual you want to assign licenses for. In the next page, select the user(s) you want to assign the licenses to.

3. Once I assign a license, how long does it take until I can use it?

After you are assigned a license in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, it should be available within an hour.

  • If you're using the licensed visual in the Power BI Service, refresh the report by hitting F5.
  • If you're using the licensed visual in the Power BI Desktop, close and reopen it.
  • If, after you refresh, the license is still not available, wait a while and try again. It could take up to an hour.

Manage subscription

1. How can I manage my Inforiver subscription?

Admins can manage the subscription through the Microsoft 365 admin center. You can change the number of licenses, payment method, view invoice, cancel subscription etc.

2. Can we use Inforiver without having to upload it to organization visual?

Yes. You can download Inforiver directly to your reports. 

3. How do we get upgrades of Inforiver?

Inforiver visuals purchased from Appsource get updated automatically when a new version is available.

4. How can I change the license quantity?

If the increase/decrease in the license quantity falls in the same tier, then it is possible to update the existing subscription from the Admin Portal. Otherwise, you can purchase the required license through a new subscription.

5. How do I manage the payment methods?

Visit manage payment methods for more details.

6. How do I cancel the subscription?

You can cancel the subscription from the app page.

  1. In the admin center, go to Billing > Your products > Apps page.
  2. Find and select the app you want to manage.
  3. Under Settings & actions, select Cancel subscription.

7. What is the refund policy?

You're eligible for a full refund if you cancel your subscription within seven days of purchase for both monthly and annual subscriptions. Refunds aren’t available for subscriptions cancelled after that time period.

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