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Power BI certified

Matrix Pricing

IBCS certified
No commitment required | Pay as you go with a monthly subscription | Cancel anytime

We are in the process of updating pricing in Microsoft AppSource for new customers

1. Where will Inforiver reports be consumed/deployed? For viewers external to your organization, choose Embedded/OEM Application

Power BI Online Service
Power BI Report Server
Embedded/OEM Application

2. Will external viewers pay to consume Inforiver reports? Choose Yes if you will be embedding Inforiver reports within your commercially sold product/template/solutions.


2. Which kind of licensing would you prefer?

Manage your costs better. Every viewer needs a separate license

Named Users (Creators/Editors and Viewers)
Starts from $5/user/month. Volume discounts available.

Avoid License assignment with unlimited viewer rights

Named creators/editors*; Unlimited viewers**
Starts from $95/creator/month
Domain wide license
Unlimited creators/editors/viewers

3. How many users will be using Inforiver to create and/or view reports?

3. How many creators will be using Inforiver to create reports?

4. How many customers will be viewing reports made with Inforiver?

*Fair Usage Policy Applies: All developers involved in the process of creating, editing, and publishing Power BI reports that include an Inforiver Chart or Matrix must have a separate named developer license.  Named developer licenses cannot be shared, nor can they be rotated between team members in order to get around this requirement. Click here for FAQ on Developer licensing

**In Reading View - Viewers will only be able to sort and export to pdf/excel as in Native Visuals.

Report Server | Embedded | OEM Use Cases are not supported with Microsoft Licensing.


Inforiver Matrix Premium

$ 96 /creator/month
$ 1,000 /customer/year
Unlimited Viewers billed @ $96/mo
Buy It Direct from Microsoft

Quotes are available for "yearly" subscriptions with a minimum of worth licenses

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IBCS Certified
Power BI certified
About Inforiver!

Inforiver drives business productivity and business performance with faster time to insights inside Power BI through an intuitive no-code experience. The product is developed by Lumel Technologies (formerly Visual BI), which has a decade of experience in building add-on solutions on top of BI platforms (SAP BI and Power BI) with our suite of innovative products such as ValQ, xViz, and BI Hub
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