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June 2021



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June 2021

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June 03, 2021 at 11 AM EST

Inforiver: A Low-code/No-code Analytics approach for Microsoft Power BI


Jay Anantharaman

Co-Founder, Inforiver

Inforiver delivers the best of both worlds – spreadsheets and standardized reporting & visualizations software – through a low-code / no-code architecture that drives excellent authoring, consumer & collaboration experiences for unrivaled analysis productivity and ROI.

In this webinar, learn how Inforiver enables business users:

  • Experience the simplicity, freedom & flexibility of spreadsheets within Microsoft Power BI
  • Interact with data like never before and build visual calculations on the fly
  • Leverage a modern UI to perform numerous business actions in a single click
  • Collaborate with peers in a highly productive manner
  • Build paginated, formatted, adhoc and variance reports in the fastest possible way
  • … and more

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