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Inforiver Charts 2.0 - Overview & Key Highlights (LIVE DEMO)

Date & Time : 30 Nov 2022 , 10 AM CST
Speaker : Anoovendhan Subramanian, Product Manager - Inforiver

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Micheal Winslett - Image
The user-friendliness of Inforiver made it easier for our teams to customize views, reducing reliance on IT to facilitate customization of reports. Inforiver helped us design reports that were done in Excel before, freeing time for analysis and reducing time for manual report preparation.

Michael Winslett
Senior Manager , AMD

Inforiver has allowed us to move all reporting into Power BI. The combination of beautifully formatted Inforiver matrixes with other interactive visuals has been described as pure magic by both our finance departments and business managers. Our Analytics Team has, early on, noticed the benefits of controllers being able to build financial reports themselves, something which was impossible with our previous solution.

Rickard Aronsson
Head of Group Analytics, Humana AB

Inforiver is more than a custom visual, a product that brings in Power BI many features expected by Excel users, including a formula expression editor to create visual-level calculations.

Marco Russo
Power BI MVP, SQLBI and OkViz

I don’t think of Inforiver as just a custom visual. I think of it as the best in class solution to a wide range of problems that traditionally we were only able to solve with Excel. I can’t think of a better way to lift and shift your traditional Excel-marts into a modern Power BI platform.

Andre Fomin
Managing Director, obviEnce

The visual capabilities of Inforiver are one of the best I have seen regardless of the platform but what sets it apart is the ease of design and lower barrier to learning Power BI… It is great to have Excel-like flexibility without sacrificing traceability with audit logs…the ability to simulate and analyze scenarios on the fly with no code is unlocking new horizons.

Khaled Chowdhury
Global Director – Data & Analytics, CMC Materials

Nicolas Lee

Truly the PBI visual we’ve been waiting for.. For someone who does a ton of financial analytical reporting, this visual adds a 100+ features that PBI doesn’t have natively. After waiting many years for PBI to catch up to add them this company their visual has done almost all of it in one shot. I am truly impressed by the team’s quick response and attentiveness to detail. Can’t wait for the features coming out in the Premium sku.

Nicolas Lee
Senior Director, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Information Services - Choice Properties

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