Reporting with Ease and Speed – One-Click IBCS using Inforiver

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Inforiver Matrix and Charts are now IBCS certified



Standard Edition

Inforiver IBCS Seal - 2021
Create IBCS compliant business, management, variance, and performance reports in a single click.


Professional Edition

Experience the familiarity, flexibility and the power of spreadsheets for Pivot Analysis, Financial and Management Reports


Premium Edition

Inforiver IBCS Seal - 2021
The best of everything in (BI, CPM + EPM), with cutting-edge reporting, analysis, governance and collaboration

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September 23, 2021 at 4:00PM – 5:00PM CEST / 7:30PM – 8:30PM IST

Reporting with Ease and Speed – One-Click IBCS using Inforiver


Jürgen Faisst

Managing Partner, IBCS Institute

Anoovendhan Subramanian

Product Manager, Inforiver

Inforiver envisions to bring Modern day Analytics & Standardized Reporting to each and everyone of you without the need of any complex DAX queries or Scripting.

Why Inforiver? Get the flexibility, familiarity and productivity of Excel with all the data governance, security, sharing provenance of Power BI. The best of both worlds!

What provides Inforiver an edge over other IBCS Software?

High Performance over Large volumes of data. Automated Unified Scaling & Number Formatting. In-built Collaboration capabilities. Just One-Click away from your IBCS compliant reports.

Witness the No-Code/Low-Code Revolution of the Analytics & BI Industry. Switch to Excel like Hyper-productivity zone along with Fully-Automatic Reporting on Inforiver right away.

Key takeaways from this session:

– Understanding the Problems with Modern Day Reporting

– The need for Visual Standards in Reporting

– One-Click IBCS Compliant Reporting in Power BI

Special Promotional Pricing* and Extended Trial period for existing IBCS customers** in Power BI

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