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Secure & flexible
comments in Power BI


Add data-level notes​

Add cell-level annotations and apply rich text formatting

Capture data-level comments​

Capture cell-level comments with details such as author & posted time​

Reply to comments​

Reply to comments posted by other stakeholders, and initiate conversations​

Report summary​

Add notes and explanations at the report level​


Deliver financial & management reports with footnotes​

Notes/comments column​

Capture row-level information with a dedicated notes/comments column​

Roll-up notes/comments​

Display notes/comments at parent levels when hierarchies are collapsed​

Mention other users in comments​

Use @ symbol to tag other stakeholders ​

Comments digest​

Schedule and receive periodic email commentary digests​

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1. Add data-level notes​

Add notes at the cell-level and row/column header levels and apply rich text formatting​

Add Data-level notes

2. Capture data-level comments​

Unlike notes, comments automatically capture details of author and time stamp, and support threaded responses​

Capture data-level comments

3. Reply to comments​

Reply to comments posted by other users and have interactive conversations ​

Reply to comments

4. Report summary​

Add notes and explanations at the report level​

Report Summary

5. Footnotes​

Provide supplementary information especially in financial reports using footnotes​


6. Notes/comments column​

Leverage dedicated notes or comments column to capture row-level inputs​

Notes & comments column

7. Roll-up notes/comments​

In reports with large number of hierarchies, notes & comments can be rolled up at the parent/grandparent levels when hierarchies are collapsed​

Roll-up notes & comments

8. Mention other users​

Use @ symbol in comments to tag other stakeholders; this sends out email notifications to tagged users with a link to the report​

Mention other users

9. Get notified instantly​

Receive instant email notifications when someone responds to you or tags you in a comment​

Get notified instantly

10. Comments digest​

Schedule and receive periodic email commentary digests​

Comments digest

11. Writeback comments securely​

Writeback your comments to an on-premises or cloud SQL database or a shared drive (e.g., OneDrive)​

Writeback comments securely

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