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Migrate to Power BI from Tableau/Spotfire/Qlik/Cognos/SAP

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Duration 59 minutes
Gopal Krishnamurthy Founder/CEO
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Master report migration to Power BI from Tableau, Spotfire, Qlik, Cognos, SAP, and more with expert insights.

As many enterprises look to migrate & consolidate their reports from platforms such as Tableau, Spotfire, Qlik, Cognos, SAP and to Power BI, it becomes important to understand how to leverage Microsoft’s landscape & environment for successful migration. It is key for organizations to minimize disruptions and ensure capabilities are completely transferred so that legacy tools can be retired for the best ROI. This also applies to businesses that leverage legacy third-party visualization tools for PowerPoint such as Mekko Graphics and Think-Cell. 

In this webinar, we will cover the following: 

  • Evaluating Microsoft Power BI & Fabric: Key considerations 
  • Typical challenges enterprises face in migrating to Power BI 
  • Migration ROI: Putting together a business case. 
  • Achieving faster Go-To-Market: Key considerations
  • Workarounds for translating advanced use cases (seemingly unsupported by Power BI at first look) 
  • How Inforiver Analytics+* & Inforiver Matrix can ensure a successful migration 

Through a LIVE DEMO, we will also demonstrate select capabilities from Inforiver on Power BI: 

Migrating Sales, Financial & Operations Reports 

  • Typical challenges & key considerations  
  • Handling Forecasting, Budgeting & Planning scenarios  
  • Using excel-like formulae within your reports while minimizing use of DAX for faster go-to-market.  
  • Powerful layout, formatting, pivoting & filtering capabilities.  
  • Migrating performance management reports with comparative measures (actuals, prior period, plan, forecast, budget etc.)   
  • Integrating KPI cards in your reports  

Entering data in your reports 

  • Having your users input their business projections directly in the reports.  
  • Handling security & authentication  

Writing back updated report data on to online & cloud databases 

  • Writing to Microsoft Fabric: DataLake, DataWarehouse & Dataverse  
  • Saving to Snowflake, Microsoft Azure, and more  
  • Publishing extracts to OneDrive & SharePoint  
  • Writing back with filter contexts  

Data-level threaded conversations 

  • Migrating notes, comments & threaded conversations  
  • Ensuring privacy & security, and writing back comments  

Exporting & Scheduling Reports 

 Inforiver is certified by International Business Communication Standards (IBCS).  

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*Inforiver Charts has been renamed to Inforiver Analytics+, and today it is a 3-in-1 visual that offers 50+ charts, cards, and tables.

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