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Inforiver Matrix visual has been renamed to Reporting Matrix. This change will be reflected in Microsoft AppSource from the next release.

The fastest way to

  • build paginated reports
  • input and edit data
  • plan & forecast
  • build paginated reports
  • Build highly formatted, interactive, no-code paginated reports in minutes!
  • Enter data using input-enabled static measures and spread changes to descendants
  • Create what-if scenarios and quick forecasts on the fly
  • Build highly formatted, interactive, no-code paginated reports in minutes!
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Inforiver matrixInforiver matrix

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What can I use Reporting Matrix for?

1. Paginated reporting​

Build highly formatted & interactive paginated reports


Utilize First-Previous-Next-Last navigation, with the ability to insert row, column & section breaks

Header & footer templates​

Configure report header and footer using customizable preset layouts

Smart page & section breaks

Provide breaks in your report dynamically based on category values (e.g., each category starts in a new page)

Integrated KPI card templates​

​Insert pre-defined KPI cards with integrated trend and variance visualizations

Paginated reporting

2. Financial reporting

Deliver highly formatted income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and more  

Cell-level formatting

Apply borders, font & background colors at a cell level; Align text; Show/hide/resize rows & columns; and more

Reorder / custom sort rows & columns

​Click-and-drag to reorder rows and columns with ease

Multi-line headers

Create multi-line report headers with highly customizable formatting options

Group rows & columns​

Create hierarchies at the visual level

Number formatting​

Format numbers, decimals, prefix and suffix at the cell level

Vertical analysis​

Insert 1-click calculated columns designated for highlighting variance, contribution and vertical analysis

Calculated rows & columns​

Insert calculated rows & columns using intuitive formula editor

Manage accounting signs​

Manage signage for financial accounts  at a row (e.g., Travel Expenses) or group level (e.g., Expenses)

Financial reporting inforiver

3. Variance & IBCS reporting 

Deliver performance & variance reporting using 1-click International Business Communication Standards (IBCS) templates

IBCS Testimonial
IBCS Testimonial Jurgen Faisst

4. Graphical tables

Deliver a range of charts and visualizations in your matrix reports in a single click

5. Spreadsheet-like pivot analysis

Enrich your analysis & decision-making by applying pivot-table like capabilities inside Power BI

Expand/collapse rows & columns

Expand collapse hierarchies in rows & columns; elaborate context menu available to navigate through hierarchies

Configure totals & subtotals

Change the way in which totals, and subtotals are calculated and positioned in the visual

Measure-level formatting

Apply number & decimal formatting at the measure-level, and apply changes across all hierarchy levels

Advanced column-level filters

Filter values in each column as you can do in spreadsheets using the KPI Explorer feature

Top N + Others​

Perform a quick Top N filtering and group remaining values as ‘Others’ in a few clicks

Manage columns​

Show/hide required columns and manage their properties like width and aggregation; supports pixel-perfect column widths

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Pivot Analysis

6. Edit & update values

Insert, edit or update cell values using values or formula; supports formula references to other cells

7. Insert formula rows and columns

Leverage powerful formula engine to insert rows, columns and measures at the visual-level

Insert formula rows and columns - Matrix Highlights
Insert formula rows and columns - Matrix Highlights
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8. Notes & annotations

Enhance your data stories with cell, row & column-level notes/footnotes & annotations. Report level notes and marker mode are also available

Notes Annotations
Notes Annotations - inforiver

9. Conditional formatting​​

Apply pre-set or custom conditional formatting rules 

Conditional Formatting​​ - Matrix Highlights
Conditional Formatting​​ - Matrix Highlights
Conditional Formatting - Matrix Highlights
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10. Formatted export to PDF/Excel​

Export to Excel or PDF without losing formatting​

The industry-leading export capability delivers the following:

  • Export with formatting, category/value structure and notes ​
  • ​Export to multiple Excel worksheets based on category values​
  • Export calculated rows, columns, and edited cells​
  • ​End-users in reading view can customize export options​
  • ​​Export table/matrix along with scaled number formatting​
  • ​Export to Excel with expand/collapse capability
  • ​Pagination & page-break support for Export to PDF
Learn more
Export to excel_PDF

11. Data provenance & audit​

Track changes to your report using an interactive, filterable, exportable and comment-enabled audit log

Data Provenance & Audit​ - Matrix Highlights
Data Provenance & Audit​ - Matrix Highlights
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    Conditional formatting in Power BI

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    14 financial modelling templates for Microsoft Power BI​

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    Forecasting multiple items with seasonality

    Learn how you can quickly forecast multiple items with seasonality right inside Power BI!


Add-ons to the Reporting Matrix

These capabilities are included in the Writeback Matrix. But you may purchase them individually as an add-on to Reporting Matrix if you need it.


Schedule and broadcast report extracts in PDF/Excel by email.


Create periodic snapshots of your reports and email/archive them.


Create cell, row & column level comments and conversations.


Implement organization branding guidelines for all your reports.

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