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The fastest way to

create financial reports

in Power BI

Financial Reports

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Build your first P&L / Income statement in Power BI in less than 5 minutes

With Inforiver’s user-friendly interface, you can - ​
a) Format and indent GL account headers​
b) Group column headers​
c) Insert calculated rows to show derivative KPIs such as Gross Margin % or Earnings Per Share (EPS) and more​


1. Number formatting

Visualize multiple measure formats or granularities in the same column. Simply select a cell and choose the appropriate option in the toolbar.

2. Sorting rows

Drag-and-drop of rows to custom sort your financial/General Ledger (GL) accounts.

3. Indenting & aligning accounts​ ​

Add indentations to your financial statements using excel-like options.​

4. Customize subtotals and totals​

Manage row and column level subtotals and totals using intuitive and easy-to-use controls.

5. Insert calculated and static rows​

Quickly insert calculated and static rows - ​

  1. Add static rows and enter values manually​
  2. Insert calculated rows visually using an intuitive excel-like editor ​
  3. Utilize calculated/static rows in other calculations ​
  4. Insert % contribution rows in a single click​
  5. Add template rows that repeat for categories/subcategories ​
  6. Leverage multiple formatting options ​
  7. Customize the totals and subtotals positions and more

6. Excel-like cell editing

Leverage excel-like cell editing capabilities for updating data in your Power BI table/matrix reports. You can ​

  1. Select a cell and directly enter values
  2. Double-click a cell and open the formula bar where you can type in values or formula ​
  3. Use scaled values (e.g., 4.5m) or normal values (e.g., of 4500000) while updating data ​
  4. Use cell references in your formulae ​
  5. Copy and paste values using Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V​
  6. Track changes to data using the audit module

7. Insert calculated measures​

Insert visual measures using an intuitive formula editor or choose from predefined quick calculations like % contribution to total/parent, running total, ranking etc. ​ ​

8. Group rows and columns

Group related columns or rows using the group functionality and create custom hierarchies in your Power BI reports.​ ​

9. Formatting of rows, columns, cells & values​

Inforiver offers a wide range of formatting options such as font style, colors, borders, alignments, indentations, highlights and more.​ ​

10. Handle accounting signs​

Positive/negative signs for aggregation or display of account items can be easily managed using the Invert and Influence total options.​

11. Notes and annotations​

Add footnotes & annotations for specific accounts just like in the annual reports.​

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