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Why Inforiver

Here are 6 reasons why you must consider Inforiver

Business productivity suite for data

Get the capabilities you love in Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint right inside your Power BI report - be it formatting & layout customization, inserting row & column calculations, inserting advanced visualizations, editing data and adding data-level comments. Combined with the no-code experience, you can build reports and dashboards the way you want in minutes, not hours or days.

Business Productivity Suite for Data

Performance management

Enterprise Performance Management

Inforiver's performance-centric design principles help you seamlessly visualize, measure, analyze & manage performance. Get a 360-degree view of performance across multiple time periods and multiple categories - all at once, with variances generated automatically using a no-code experience. Inforiver also enables easier comparison with external industry benchmarks, with auto-generated trend lines, reference bands and analytics reference lines.

User-centric design

Inforiver supports a wide variety of user actions for both report creators and viewers unlike what you have seen in any other BI & visualization software. Just access the toolbar for a variety of configuration and customization options. 

User-centric Design

Highly-voted features

Highly-voted Features

Leverage a variety of features that have repeatedly been requested in Power BI idea place and community forums. Inforiver delivers unique capabilities available in other BI & visualization software (such as Tableau, Spotfire, Qlik, Cognos and SAP BusinessObjects) but not in Power BI, so that organizations can successfully migrate and consolidate their BI assets with Power BI.

IBCS certified charts and tables

With Inforiver’s business-responsive design, it is possible to create IBCS compliant business, management, variance, and performance reports in a single click. Inforiver offers a wide variety of charts and table templates, advanced small multiples, data-level comments, top N + others, pixel-perfect Export to PDF and many more.

IBCS certified charts and tables - Why Inforiver

Your digital transformation accelerators

Your Digital Transformation accelerator

Automate your Excel based processes by consolidating legacy BI reports and dashboards into Power BI, and eliminating data-silos with governed datasets. With capabilities such as formula engine & calculations, runtime manual data entry, forecasting, writeback, audit trail, commenting and collaboration, Inforiver ensures success of your change management & digital transformation efforts.

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IBCS Certified
Power BI certified
About Inforiver!

Inforiver drives business productivity and business performance with faster time to insights inside Power BI through an intuitive no-code experience. The product is developed by Lumel Technologies (formerly Visual BI), which has a decade of experience in building add-on solutions on top of BI platforms (SAP BI and Power BI) with our suite of innovative products such as ValQ, xViz, and BI Hub
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