Enterprise Edition

The ultimate edition with enterprise features including writeback, collaboration, scheduling, and broadcasting capabilities.

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Following are some capabilities unique to the Enterprise Edition.
This edition also delivers capabilities highlighted in standard, professional & premium editions.


Seamlessly writeback your data entry inputs for Budgets, Forecasts, Simulated Versions, Visual Calculated Measures to your SQL Databases like (Snowflake, Azure SQL, SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres), One-Drive, Share Point, Rest API URL Destinations.

Reporting Scheduler

You can now deliver your enterprise paginated reports as PDF, Excel, or High-Resolution Images to popular destinations like Email, One-Drive, Google Drive, Share Point, Teams Channel using our enterprise report scheduler with row-level security and governance.

Collaborative Commenting

With cell level Excel like commenting and instant notifications to other stakeholders, you can now seamlessly collaborate like never before inside a BI report. Public commenting can also be enabled for a report shared with the public.

Send to Email

Send exported PDF or Excel files by email to select recipients. This is an ad-hoc email transmission. For recurrent transmissions, Inforiver provides the scheduler.

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Note: The Enterprise edition uses database & services hosted by us in our Azure Tenant or in your private Azure tenant.

Paginated Reports Scheduling/Bursting/Subscription
Cell Level Collaborative Comments
Enterprise Themes

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