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The fastest way to build reports in Power BI

The fastest way to

  • writeback
  • comment & collaborate
  • schedule reports
  • writeback
  • Writeback the budgets, plans and forecasts with changes and comments seamlessly
  • Interact with stakeholders and have conversations at a cell level
  • Build highly formatted, interactive, no-code paginated reports in minutes!
  • Writeback the budgets, plans and forecasts with changes and comments seamlessly
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What can I use Inforiver Enterprise for?

1. Manual Data Input

Manually enter data in numeric, text, dropdown, and date formats. Capability can be turned on/off in reading view.

Values entered automatically update other visuals in the report, and each entry is tracked in the audit log​

2. Writeback

Experience the user-friendly writeback capability using a no-code user experience​

Write to databases
​Writeback data to Azure SQL, SQL Server, Snowflake, BigQuery, SAP HANA, PostgreSQL and MySQL
Write to shared folders
Supports OneDrive and SharePoint
Write to URL endpoints
Writeback to downstream applications & services using secure URLs
Writeback comments​
Save cell-level comments and conversations along with data
Write selective measures​
Write back only specific measures instead of everything
Write back calculations, forecasts and simulations​
Ideal for sales projections, business planning, forecasting & budgeting
Delta vs full writeback​
Write back only records that have changed since last writeback
User permissions
Provision writeback permissions for select users when they view the report
Filtered writeback​
Write back only a filtered subset of data

3. Scheduling

Schedule formatted PDF or Excel file exports to stakeholders​ through email or shared folders 

Schedule reports​
Create one-time or recurring schedules​

Customized content
Schedule entire reports, report tabs, or specific pages within a paginated report​

Broadcast to specific users, teams or entire organization​

Custom schedules​
Use flexible frequency options – e.g., specific days of the week, month, and more​
Email & shared drive options​
Deliver reports to email or shared destinations such as OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams and Google Drive​

Category-level recipients​
Send records pertaining to specific category values (e.g., US, EMEA) to specific recipients (e.g., respective regional managers)

Embedded executive scorecard​
Send embedded, high-quality executive screenshot right in the body of the email

4. Commenting & Collaboration

Drive cell-level collaboration with other stakeholders through interactive commenting

Capture cell-level comments with details such as author & posted time

Mentions​ & assigns
Use @ symbol to tag other stakeholders; Assign tasks & track status

​Reply to comments posted by other stakeholders, and initiate conversations

Email notifications
Receive notifications when someone tags you, assigns a task or responds to your comment
O365 integration
​Integration with Office365 authenticates users posting comments & engaging in conversations

Comments log
Secure, interactive & filterable log of all comments & conversations

Comments digest​
Schedule and receive periodic commentary digests through email

Data security​
Store comments securely in a location of your choice, including your private Azure tenant

5. Ad-hoc Emails

Send ad-hoc, formatted PDF / Excel exports of the report by email to select recipients, including external stakeholders

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