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Microsoft Power BI Writeback Options and Integration with Power Platform

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Duration 45 minutes
Aswanth Venkatesan Customer Success Specialist - Inforiver
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Deep dive into Inforiver’s advanced Power BI reporting Writeback feature, i.e., the ability to write data directly from your Power BI reports to databases.

In this webinar, we will dive deep into Inforiver’s advanced Power BI reporting writeback feature, i.e., the ability to write data directly from your Power BI reports to databases. We will then demonstrate its many integrations with the entire Power Platform and Microsoft 365 ecosystem. We will cover the following topics broadly:

  • Writeback solutions in the market – the Hows and Whys 
  • Writeback infrastructure - a comprehensive overview 
  • Microsoft Power Apps integration 
  • Recursive writeback
  • Implementation blueprints and guidelines 

Throughout the course of this webinar, we will explore the following: 

  • Writeback use cases: forecasting, planning, periodic snapshots, reverse ETL. 
  • Writeback destinations: Writeback into different cloud and on-premises databases including Snowflake, Azure SQL, and BigQuery.  
  • Writeback mechanisms: Benefits of various writeback methods including writeback in a separate table, writeback into original fact tables, writeback as aggregates.  
  • Writeback end-to-end demo: Demonstration from Data source → Power BI Dataflow → Power BI Modeling → Dataset → Reporting → Inforiver Writeback → Power Automate → Teams Approval → Recursive writeback. 
  • Read/Write reporting wherever you work: Inforiver Enterprise app hosted on different collaborative environments such as on Microsoft Power BI Reports, Dashboards, apps, and mobile app; Dynamic 365; SharePoint Sites; Teams Channels; Outlook; Power Pages; Power Apps; and Jupyter notebooks. 
  • Automation: Create smart flows to manage writebacks including notifications, approval processes, as well as capturing and storing writeback metadata. 
  • RLS, OLS and dynamic data masking: Explore the security implications of writeback and the corresponding procedures meant to avoid any security leakage. Enforce RLS in writeback tables via dynamic SQL view generation. 
  • Recursive writeback: Import writeback table with RLS, perform star schema model integration, and generate DAX measures automatically with Tabular Editor scripts. 
  • Testing Inforiver sync feature: Writeback data and update graphs and charts on a real time basis using Inforiver’s live sync feature.
  • Implementation blueprints and guidelines: Leverage our scalable implementation blueprints for writeback RLS configuration settings, recursive writeback modeling, and measure generation.
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