Formatted Export to Excel / Spreadsheets in Power BI

by Inforiver | Dec 16, 2021 | ,

With Inforiver, you can now perform formatted export to excel and PDF on your table / matrix reports in Microsoft Power BI. This means you can not only export but also retain the following while performing your export:

  • report layout
  • value & number formatting
  • text/background colors & formatting
  • notes & annotations
  • row/column hierarchy structure, and more.

Highlights of Inforiver's Export to Excel capability include the following

  1. Supports all navigation modes (hierarchy, table, stepped and drilldown)
  2. Retains status of row/column hierarchies in your Power BI matrix style reports when you export to Excel. i.e. If some branches are collapsed, there is the option to perform the export as you see (WYSIWYG export) - or export all the records fully expanded. Note that there are some restrictions for column hierarchies with 3 or more category levels.
  3. Allows export of rows to Excel along with the expand/collapse icons. This is very helpful when you have a lot of records & hierarchies, say 1000 records with 7 hierarchy levels. It saves you a ton of time as you do not have to recreate these row hierarchies in Excel.
  4. Retains font styles, background, and alignment
  5. Preserves number formatting and scaling
  6. Supports visual-level advanced and nested (and/or) filters applied to the table
  7. Supports inline notes, column notes & comments
  8. Exports calculated columns, measures, and rows
  9. Exports all rows & columns – and not just the records that are visible in the page / screen
  10. While using a page break, your export will create an Excel file with multiple worksheets in Excel (Paginated export to excel)
  11. If you have the enterprise edition, you can also schedule Excel files to users in your organization. Users can receive the Excel file in email based on schedule frequency - e.g. daily, Tuesdays & Thursdays, monthly, etc.

Export to Excel is available in all editions of Inforiver, though we recommend the Premium Edition for advanced options including the ability to expand/collapse rows in the exported file

Interested to learn more? Watch the replay of our webinar 'Paginated & Formatted Export to Excel/PDF in Microsoft Power BI'.

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