5 Reasons why Writeback is required in a Modern BI Stack

Almost all enterprise visualization software (including Power BI, Tableau, Spotfire, Qlik etc.,) do NOT provide database writeback as a capability out-of-the-box. One reason for this can be attributed to their origins in the BI platform ecosystem. It mainly consists of Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) systems that are read-optimized. Think of your enterprise data warehouse that […]

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Dynamic and Nested Top N + Others in Power BI

In one of our previous posts titled The Business Case for Top N + Others, we briefly looked into the following: Top N Analysis and its significance Preferred format for reporting: Top N + Others with grand total Key variants of Top N* Nested Top N* Top & Bottom N combinations* N with numeric & […]

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The Business Case for dynamic & nested Top N + Others reports

In business scenarios, it is very common for decision-makers to examine the following: Customers contributing to the most revenue Spend Categories that consume most of the budget Key vendors from whom we procure the most … and more. This type of analysis is also in line with the Pareto principle, which states that 80% of […]

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5 Ways to Run Dynamic What-If Simulations in Power BI

Everyday business decision-making involves stakeholders asking a lot of ‘what-if’ questions. For example, what if oil prices go up to a certain level? What if our suppliers increase their costs by 4%? What if our attrition increases by more than the permissible limit? However, typical business intelligence and reporting tools fail to provide this very […]

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Table and Matrix as Visuals = The Same but Different, Use Wisely

Table vs Matrix Visuals: Key Differences? Table and matrix visuals differ from your typical chart & graphs. Unlike other visualizations, they represent data closest to its original form. They feature values in numeric form rather than focusing upon visual qualities. Generally, tables and matrices are very commonly used to display dense value structures in static […]

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Inforiver simplifies Pricing Plans

Updated - June 01, 2022 For the past several months, we had the opportunity to work closely with Inforiver customers and prospects. Most of our early adopter customers have modernized their reporting capabilities and are excited about delivering Inforiver’s innovative use cases like commenting, forecasting, and write-back to their business users. Several of them suggested […]

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Inforiver March 2022 Update  

Welcome to the Inforiver March 2022 update. We are thrilled to announce several new features and key enhancements (for all the editions) most anticipated by our Inforiver community!   Here is a video summarizing the key updates.  New Features & Enhancements  Audit Log  Timestamps for changes   Listing by chronological order  Filter by cell/row/column  Auto Fit  Preview […]

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Visualizations and Data Analysis: Past, Present & Future

A Brief History of Visualizations and Visual Story Telling The origin of data-driven visualizations and story-telling can be traced back to the beginning of mankind. The early humans sculpted visuals of animals, weapons, and the position of stars on the walls of caves. The Turin Papyrus Map, dated 1150 BC, is the oldest surviving visualization. […]

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Inforiver Premium Edition featured in Microsoft Power BI Blog

Inforiver's Premium edition is featured in the monthly Microsoft Power BI Blog of February 2022 and the Professional Edition is chosen as the editor's pick for this quarter. Few excerpts from the blog : Inforiver delivers the fastest way to build reports in Power BI. The Inforiver premium edition includes everything available in Standard and Professional editions (such as number […]

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Inforiver launches Premium Edition in Microsoft Appsource

Inforiver launched the Premium Edition in Microsoft Appsource. Following are the excerpts from the Power BI Blog. Leading BI & Analytics software vendors have leveraged custom visuals as a means to extend the capabilities of their tools and empower third party vendors to address functionality gaps and customer needs. Specifically, Microsoft Power BI has had […]

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