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Upgrade your subscription plan to add more user licenses 

It gives us immense pleasure when our valued customers expand their usage of Inforiver. We have noticed a few customers purchasing multiple instances of the same subscription plan to accommodate new users within their account.  While we understand the desire to add new users to your existing plan, we want to highlight a more efficient […]

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Inforiver Enterprise April 2024 Update – Version 2.9.5 

Welcome to the Inforiver Enterprise 2.9.5 release update!      In this milestone release, we have introduced much-anticipated features like column aggregation, the ability to import Excel files, and context awareness for data inputs. We also have numerous enhancements across writeback, forecasting, aggregation, built-in formulae, and the admin console. Discover the innovations driving our product as we […]

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Marginal Abatement Cost Curves – A comprehensive guide 

One of the most pressing global challenges in recent decades has been tackling greenhouse gas emissions and reducing our carbon footprint. A Marginal Abatement Cost (MAC) curve, sometimes called a Marginal Cost Curve (MCC), is a graphical tool used to visualize carbon mitigation opportunities along with their abatement potential and marginal cost. These charts provide […]

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Managing Power BI Tenant Settings for Custom Visuals / Organizational Visuals 

Are you struggling to import custom visuals in Power BI? Not sure why the native export to PDF or PPT is not working?  This is because Microsoft introduced tenant-level permissions for managing custom visuals. Certain steps need to be taken to grant permissions to custom visuals at the tenant level explicitly. This allows organizations to vet […]

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Inforiver Enterprise April 2024 Release Updates – Version 2.8.5 

Welcome to the Inforiver Enterprise release updates!  In this interim version 2.8.5, we introduce several enhancements in the data input section, primarily to the filter-based dropdown list, and performance optimizations for writebacks. We have also restructured a few menu items in the admin console for easier navigation. It gives us immense pleasure to consistently provide […]

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Inforiver Premium March 2024 update – Version 2.9 

Welcome to the Inforiver Premium 2.9 update!   The March release ships with innovations in row management, header customizations, new built-in functions, and enhancements to conditional formatting, to name a few. Discover the innovations driving our product as we continue delivering features most anticipated by the Inforiver community. Thank you for choosing Inforiver!   The release notes […]

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Inforiver Analytics+ March 2024 update - Release 3.6 

The March 2024 – 3.6 release for Analytics+ is a small yet impactful release that introduces two important features: visualizing variances with integrated column charts for tables and creating visual-level rows with the calculated row feature.   Let’s dive in!   1. Integrated column charts as inline charts for tables  Since tabular data has higher information density, adding visualizations […]

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Assign Power BI custom visual licenses to users, teams, or departments  

Are you struggling to assign custom visual licenses in Power BI? Not to worry; we are here to help.   Some things first –   You can assign or unassign user licenses in the Microsoft 365 admin center on the Licenses page. Go to -> Billing -> License. Select the visual for which you want to assign licenses. […]

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Inforiver Analytics+ February 2024 update - Major Release 3.5

Welcome to the Analytics+ 3.5 major release update!      The February 2024 – 3.5 release for Analytics+ is a major milestone release that delivers a range of high-value dashboards and visualization capabilities. We have exciting features like new IBCS table templates, better storytelling through annotations inside tables, variations for our waterfall chart, excel-like nested sorting, and […]

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Inforiver Enterprise February 2024 Update – Version 2.8

Welcome to the Inforiver Enterprise 2.8 release update!     The February release ships with exciting features like the fully redesigned forecasting interface, which has capabilities to extend the forecast period, auto-close, and distribute deficits. We also have enhancements across writeback, data input, and support for images. Discover the innovations driving our product as we continue delivering […]

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