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Analytics+ 4.0: Migration Impact and New Features

The Analytics+ visual has undergone significant optimizations to enhance the ease of use and make your experience smoother. We are releasing features like image support, flexible KPI containers along with a range of new charts. Know more about the innovations that are part of 4.0 here. Given the scale of the release, we would like […]

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Inforiver Analytics+ July 2024 update - Major Release 4.0. 

In the 4.0. release, we’ve added many much-anticipated chart types, such as the Pie, Sunburst, Treemap, Bubble, Quadrant, Scatter, and Radar/polar charts. As you work with the latest version, you will find that your overall reporting experience has been streamlined with features like image support, data label enhancements, summary table structure changes, and the new […]

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Marginal Abatement Cost Curves – A comprehensive guide 

One of the most pressing global challenges in recent decades has been tackling greenhouse gas emissions and reducing our carbon footprint. A Marginal Abatement Cost (MAC) curve, sometimes called a Marginal Cost Curve (MCC), is a graphical tool used to visualize carbon mitigation opportunities along with their abatement potential and marginal cost. These charts provide […]

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Inforiver Analytics+ March 2024 update - Release 3.6 

The March 2024 – 3.6 release for Analytics+ is a small yet impactful release that introduces two important features: visualizing variances with integrated column charts for tables and creating visual-level rows with the calculated row feature.   Let’s dive in!   1. Integrated column charts as inline charts for tables  Since tabular data has higher information density, adding visualizations […]

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Inforiver Analytics+ February 2024 update - Major Release 3.5

Welcome to the Analytics+ 3.5 major release update!      The February 2024 – 3.5 release for Analytics+ is a major milestone release that delivers a range of high-value dashboards and visualization capabilities. We have exciting features like new IBCS table templates, better storytelling through annotations inside tables, variations for our waterfall chart, excel-like nested sorting, and […]

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Inforiver Analytics+: Major Announcement (Feb 2024) 

Inforiver Analytics+ (50+ Charts, Cards and Tables) is a new product offering that delivers dashboards, visualizations and storyboards. Enterprises use Analytics+ to retire their legacy BI & Visualization tools (Tableau, Qlik, Spotfire, SAP Lumira) and static PowerPoint visualization add-ins (Mekko Graphics or Think cell) and migrate to / consolidate these use cases in Power BI.   […]

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Inforiver Analytics+ December 2023 Update – Version 3.3

Welcome to the December update for Analytics+! The 3.3. version ships with exciting new features like insight charts and includes enhancements across context awareness, measure grouping, and waterfall charts, as well as additional customizations for KPIs and data tables.   Feel welcome to explore the sections that interest you!   1. Charts  2. Cards  3. Data table […]

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Inforiver Charts is now Inforiver Analytics+ (Charts + Cards + Tables)

With the November 3.2 release, Inforiver Charts becomes a 3-in-1 integrated visual for dashboards & storyboards - the first of its kind with 50+ charts, KPI cards, and tables in a single visual platform. To reflect this change, we have renamed the product from Inforiver Charts to Inforiver Analytics+. Why Analytics+: The details There are […]

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Inforiver Analytics+ - Vision and Roadmap 

Our long-term vision for Inforiver Analytics+ is that it becomes the “No-Code Visualization and Storytelling Platform of Choice” across all data platforms (Azure (Fabric & Power BI), GCP (Big Query & Looker), AWS, Snowflake, Data Bricks, etc.). With over a decade of deep experience from our Visual BI Days with VBX for SAP Lumira, then xViz […]

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Inforiver Analytics+ October 2023 Update – Version 3.1.

Last month we released our flagship version 3.0, with a new small multiple/trellis architecture and no-code framework with which every chart type can be turned into a new modern ‘Visual Pivot Table’.   The October update of Inforiver Analytics+ (version 3.1) further enhances the capabilities offered and comes packaged with core enhancements across UI/UX, chart customizations, […]

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