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Inforiver Analytics+ December 2023 Update – Version 3.3

by Inforiver | Jan 04, 2024 | , ,

Welcome to the December update for Analytics+! The 3.3. version ships with exciting new features like insight charts and includes enhancements across context awareness, measure grouping, and waterfall charts, as well as additional customizations for KPIs and data tables.  

Feel welcome to explore the sections that interest you!  

1. Charts 

  1. Measure grouping 
  2. Waterfall enhancements 
  3. Context-aware conditional formatting 
  4. Variance in bps or pp 

2. Cards 

  1. Insight charts for multi-row cards 
  2. Cards enhancements 
  3. Conditional formatting for KPI 

3. Data table enhancements

1. Charts  

1.1 Measure grouping 

The measure grouping feature that was introduced in the November release allows you to club multiple measures into a single panel. Measure grouping can now be applied in Matrix mode, i.e., when you have a small multiple dimension as a row or a column. You can group either the rows or columns, but not both. 


We have created a row group that combines the Central, East, and Pacific columns into a single panel. 


1.2 Waterfall enhancements 

  • Interim totals for waterfall charts 

The on-object interaction menu for waterfall charts now gives you the ability to add interim total bars at any point in the waterfall.  

You can also convert any bar into a result pillar or invert a bar in a single click. 

  • Customization for Measure-only waterfall charts

The 3.3 release enables you to display the deviation, add interim totals, invert rows, and add result pillars for measure-only waterfalls (breakdown waterfall charts without an axis parameter). 


1.3 Context-aware conditional formatting 

In our October release, we introduced context-aware commenting. This means that the Inforiver visual can recognize filter and slicer selections, and any annotations made will be responsive to them. In our latest release, we have added the ability to apply conditional formatting based on slicer selections, if the filter context has been configured. 


1.4 Variance in bps or pp 

Analytics+ provides the option of using basis points or percentage points to display variances – enabling a straightforward comparison between different variables. This setting is automatically turned on when Inforiver detects percentage values in the data, like interest rate. 


2. Cards 

2.1 Insight charts for multi-row cards 

Insight charts can be used to create multi-row cards where a summary of the sparkline chart can be displayed as a bullet chart. For example, the sparkline depicts the sales for different quarters and the bullet chart depicts the YTD sales against the previous year’s sales. The position, number formatting, styling, and color scheme of the insight chart are customizable.


2.2 Cards enhancements: 

  • Trellis layout - Compact grid: A new trellis layout has been added, which will display cards in compact stamp-sized panels. This layout can be used to combine KPI cards with other visuals in a dashboard. 
  • The embedded chart and the KPI metric will now have two separate tooltips that display the relevant underlying data. 
  • By default, only the relative variance will be displayed. Clicking on the variance will show the absolute variance or both. 
  • The KPI border color can be set to reflect the variance. 

2.3 Conditional formatting for KPI 

You can now apply conditional formatting for the KPI title and values. Both rules and color scales can be used. This feature is available in chart, card, and table modes. 


3. Data table enhancements 

  • Resize and reorder columns: You can now simply drag columns to re-order them in the data table. You can also override the default height. 
  • Add annotations: You can add canvas and data point annotations that are context-aware. You can also customize the marker and use asterisk or arrow symbols. 

We'd love to hear your ideas for Inforiver – whether they are a cool new feature or an improvement on existing features. Visit the Inforiver Community to share your ideas, vote on other submissions, and interact with other users.   

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