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Create a monthly forecast or budget tracker in Power BI

Almost every professional working in sales, operations, or finance has used a monthly tracker in Excel with categories in rows and months or weeks across columns. Most times, this template is used to compare actual performance to projections.   We are going to see how you can create such a template in Power BI, with the […]

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How to add forecast for periods not available in your Power BI data model

You have a sales/forecast report in Power BI, and your manager asks you to add forecasts for future periods. You suddenly realize that these periods are not yet available in your data model, which sources its data from a source like SQL Server or Azure. How do you handle this?  Traditionally, you would reach out […]

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Creating forecasts based on existing data in Power BI 

In an earlier column, we explored how to create a forecast using a blank template in Power BI. Today we will explore creating a forecast based on already existing data. This can be helpful in several scenarios.  (a) You can create a forecast based on actual performance (from past periods).  (b) You can create a […]

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Forecasting using a Blank Template in Power BI

A common requirement for organizations is to forecast using a blank template in Power BI, just as you would do with Microsoft Excel. Data in this case may be entered by a single individual or by many individuals across the organization.  Let us explore how you can set this up quickly in Power BI using […]

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Budget vs. Forecast: A comparison

We often hear about budgets, plans and forecasts, and may have wondered – how are they different? Well, let’s take a quick look. Budget vs. Forecast: A quick definition A budget is a goal (or an expectation) set by a business for an upcoming financial cycle. For example, ACME Corp finalized its annual budget for […]

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Calculate Variances From a Single Measure in Power BI (Without DAX)

Star schema is one of the most common data warehousing techniques used to organize and structure data for efficient querying and analysis. Shown below in the image is a typical star schema (from a Power BI report), where we have Region, Product and Calendar dimension tables, and one fact/transaction table with measures (we have one […]

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Forecasting Multiple Items with Seasonality in Power BI

Let us explore how you can quickly forecast multiple items with seasonality in Power BI. Consider a scenario where your firm has accomplished the following in monthly sales in FY 2022 (totaling 1.16B in sales). Your company is targeting to achieve 1.2B in sales for the upcoming year 2023. They want you to put together […]

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Input & edit sales forecasts in a Power BI report

In the preceding blog, we looked at why sales meetings in many organizations are inefficient. Now let us explore how the combination of Inforiver & Power BI can transform your sales meetings using a sample scenario. The sales manager at ACME Corp meets with the sales team every Monday to discuss and capture the latest […]

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5 ways to run dynamic what-if simulations in Power BI 

Everyday business decision-making involves stakeholders asking a lot of ‘what-if’ questions. For example, what if oil prices go up to a certain level? What if our suppliers increase their costs by 4%? What if our attrition increases by more than the permissible limit? However, typical business intelligence and reporting tools fail to provide this very […]

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Manually enter data in a new column in Power BI table/matrix

While reporting data using a Power BI table/matrix, we often encounter scenarios where we need to insert a new column and enter data manually. With Inforiver, you can create a new column and enter data manually as you do with excel. This is especially useful when Watch the following video to learn more about manual data entry and how […]

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