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Notes vs. Comments: Excel changed its nomenclature – should Power BI be left behind?

If you think your Power BI report supports dynamic comments, think again. What are often implemented in Power BI reports as ‘Comments’ – either through PowerApps or third-party visuals – are simply filterable notes. But what is the difference? How does it matter? “Most implementations of ‘Comments’ in Power BI, including those in custom visuals, […]

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Best Fonts for Financial Reporting

Financial statements, sales forecasts, budget plans, annual reports, investor presentations, and many other forms of everyday reporting have one thing in common – they contain a lot of numbers, usually presented in tabular form. Representing tabular data requires a slightly different approach than rendering a huge volume of text as seen in books and newspapers. […]

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Scheduling Power BI Reports with Inforiver: A step-by-step tutorial

It is a common requirement across organizations to schedule Power BI reports on a periodic basis, where the report data (exported to Excel/PDF files) need to be sent by email to multiple recipients, or to shared folders such as OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and Google Drive. We’ll quickly explore how you can set this capability […]

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Excel-like MoM, QoQ, YoY % Calculations in Rows in Power BI

Today we are going to take a quick look at how to calculate Month over Month (MoM), Quarter over Quarter (QoQ) and Year over Year (YoY) growth in Power BI, just as easy as you can do in Excel. We have a monthly P&L dataset in Excel starting Jan 2019 going all the way till Dec […]

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Forecasting Multiple Items with Seasonality in Power BI

Let us explore how you can quickly forecast multiple items with seasonality in Power BI. Consider a scenario where your firm has accomplished the following in monthly sales in FY 2022 (totaling 1.16B in sales). Your company is targeting to achieve 1.2B in sales for the upcoming year 2023. They want you to put together […]

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20 Spreadsheet Features in Power BI for Excel Fans

“As an Excel fan, I love the simplicity, flexibility and power of spreadsheets. I have everything under my control, and I can do what I want whenever I need to. I do like Power BI, but it has its own restrictions. For example, I cannot freely insert a row or edit data directly in the […]

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Inforiver Charts featured in Microsoft Power BI Blog

Inforiver Charts is featured in the monthly Microsoft Power BI Blog of August 2022 and is chosen as the editor's pick for this quarter. Few excerpts from the blog : Inforiver charts is the fastest way explore, visualize and share performance management insights in Power BI. Using 40+ advanced visualization options, users can build data stories in minutes and […]

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Microsoft Power BI - Export to PDF not working for Custom Visuals? 

Microsoft recently introduced tenant level permissions for exporting data from custom visuals, and certain steps need to be performed by the Power BI service administrator to explicitly grant permissions to custom visuals at the tenant level. This allows organizations to vet the custom visual publisher and the nature of the export request.   To comply with […]

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Analyze in Excel or Inforiver for Power BI – for Ad-hoc Analysis?

Like pretty much any piece of software, Power BI has multiple ways to solve any given problem. In this article today, I'm going to explain why you might want to use the Inforiver custom visual instead of using the standard Analyse in Excel capability that comes with Power BI. Why Does Analyze in Excel Even […]

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Inforiver Enterprise July 2022 Update  

Welcome to the Inforiver Enterprise July 2022 update. We are thrilled to announce several new features and key enhancements most anticipated by our Inforiver community! Key enhancements in this 1.6 release are listed below. Feel free to jump to any specific section for more details. Data Input Columns enabling data capture in reading mode – […]

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