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Inforiver Premium Matrix: Pricing Update (Feb 2024) 

Inforiver Premium Matrix is a very popular Power BI marketplace offering that supports a wide range of reporting use cases. Enterprises use Inforiver Matrix to retire their legacy reporting tools like SAP Business Objects – Web Intelligence, Crystal Reports, IBM Cognos Reports, IBI Web Focus Reports and static Excel reports and migrate to / consolidate […]

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Inforiver Analytics+: Major Announcement (Feb 2024) 

Inforiver Analytics+ (50+ Charts, Cards and Tables) is a new product offering that delivers dashboards, visualizations and storyboards. Enterprises use Analytics+ to retire their legacy BI & Visualization tools (Tableau, Qlik, Spotfire, SAP Lumira) and static PowerPoint visualization add-ins (Mekko Graphics or Think cell) and migrate to / consolidate these use cases in Power BI.   […]

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Inforiver Matrix: Feb 2024 - Bye Bye Developer-Only Subscription Plans

Summary: We are retiring the developer-only subscription plan for Inforiver Matrix. If you are an existing customer, this will not impact you as your plan will be grandfathered. Three months ago, we released a note outlining why we launched developer-based subscription plans (that support unlimited viewers), and why we may discontinue these plans a few […]

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Navigating the Inforiver toolbar 

Inforiver provides a wide array of customizations, data entry capabilities, analysis options, report design, and export options. Let’s take a quick look at the various moving parts of the Inforiver toolbar and how to navigate the different sections.  To enable the toolbar, after assigning data, hover over the top portion of the visual and click […]

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Performance mode with expand/collapse and drill down on-demand in Inforiver Premium Matrix  

Important: Performance mode needs to be used only on brand-new reports. Turning on the performance mode in an existing report will result in losing all the changes and revert the visual to its default state. Similarly, turning off the performance mode also results in losing all the changes. However, as this upcoming 2.7 release has […]

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Inforiver Premium year end update - 2023

The Inforiver ecosystem is continuously evolving, driven by expert feedback from our customers, contributions from the Inforiver community, and innovations led by Inforiver developers. As we step into the new year, let’s reprise the top features we released in 2023.  1. Performance boost with on-load scripts  Inforiver’s new on-load scripting feature enables you to list […]

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Inforiver Analytics+ December 2023 Update – Version 3.3

Welcome to the December update for Analytics+! The 3.3. version ships with exciting new features like insight charts and includes enhancements across context awareness, measure grouping, and waterfall charts, as well as additional customizations for KPIs and data tables.   Feel welcome to explore the sections that interest you!   1. Charts  2. Cards  3. Data table […]

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Inforiver Enterprise December 2023 Update – Version 2.6.5

Welcome to the Inforiver Enterprise 2.6.5 release update!    The December release ships with exciting new features like snapshot comparison and scheduling Analytics+ visuals using Inforiver Scheduler. We also have enhancements across writeback, forecasting, and commenting - most anticipated by the Inforiver user community!  Key enhancements in this release are listed below. Feel free to use […]

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Allocate budgets in Power BI

Allocating budgets is a common technique that simplifies the approach to strategic and financial planning. Allocations help organizations plan at a macro level and distribute available budgets and resources across departments, locations, plants, products, teams, and even time. Let us explore this with an example. You have a budget of $2M for hiring in 2024. […]

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Inforiver Charts is now Inforiver Analytics+ (Charts + Cards + Tables)

With the November 3.2 release, Inforiver Charts becomes a 3-in-1 integrated visual for dashboards & storyboards - the first of its kind with 50+ charts, KPI cards, and tables in a single visual platform. To reflect this change, we have renamed the product from Inforiver Charts to Inforiver Analytics+. Why Analytics+: The details There are […]

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