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Inforiver Premium Matrix: Pricing Update (Feb 2024) 

by Inforiver | Feb 13, 2024 |

Inforiver Premium Matrix is a very popular Power BI marketplace offering that supports a wide range of reporting use cases. Enterprises use Inforiver Matrix to retire their legacy reporting tools like SAP Business Objects – Web Intelligence, Crystal Reports, IBM Cognos Reports, IBI Web Focus Reports and static Excel reports and migrate to / consolidate these use cases in Power BI.  

Over the last few months, we added significant capabilities to Inforiver Matrix for reporting use cases (Financial Reports, Paginated Reports, IBCS Reports, Variance Reports, Management Reports, and Executive Scorecards).  

With the Matrix 2.7 release, the product also delivers an inbuilt Performance Mode which leverages the new drilldown APIs provided by Microsoft.  


The Matrix 2.8 [releasing later this month] introduces several forecasting use cases, including support for data input, time series extensions, automatic rolling forecasts and simulations - something that was available only in the Enterprise edition till then. 


For the upcoming Matrix 3.0 release, we are also bringing global variables & parameters input capability.  


The product is close to full maturity at this stage, and it offers tremendous value compared to what it did even a year ago. We are therefore updating our pricing to coincide with our next major releases around Feb 28th, 2024. Note that this will not impact existing users as all the current subscription will be grandfathered.  

Pricing Updates for Inforiver Matrix for New Customers: 

1. With immediate effect, we are suspending developer-based subscription plans from AppSource for the reasons outlined. 

However, we will grandfather all existing customers who are already on this plan until they are ready to add more users or transition to the named-user subscriptions.  

2. The domain-wide unlimited user pricing (allowing unlimited authors and consumers) is moving from a flat price to one based on your company size and Power BI user base. This option gives customers absolute flexibility as it eliminates license management hassles, and you do not have to wait for budget approvals in the middle of a financial cycle to support growth in the user base. 

3. Here is the new proposed tiered pricing for Matrix. 


4. The pricing for On-Prem report Server or Publish to Web (PaaS) non-commercial embedded use cases will now be $4,995 per annum per year per creator/publisher. They will also gain full reading view active interactivity in lieu of the current reading view that only offers sort and export capabilities like native visuals.   

Options available for current Inforiver Premium Matrix customers: 

If you are a current Inforiver customer on developer-based, this will not impact you as we are grandfathering all subscriptions. However, you may reach out to us to explore options for migrating to a private plan in AppSource or a domain-wide subscription plan.   

Have any questions? Reach out to us to learn more. 

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