The fastest way to build reports in Power BI

The fastest way to

  • build paginated reports
  • input and edit data
  • plan & forecast
  • comment & collaborate
  • writeback
  • build paginated reports
  • Build highly formatted, interactive, no-code paginated reports in minutes!
  • Enter data using input-enabled static measures and spread changes to descendants
  • Create what-if scenarios and quick forecasts on the fly
  • Interact with stakeholders and have conversations at a cell level
  • Writeback the budgets, plans and forecasts with changes and comments seamlessly
  • Build highly formatted, interactive, no-code paginated reports in minutes!
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What can I use Inforiver Matrix for?


Build highly customizable reports the way you want using a no-code user experience.

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Deliver a range of charts and visualizations inside your table/matrix reports in a single click

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Enrich your decision-making by applying your own formatting, layout, analysis and derivative calculations

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Track changes to your report & data through a comments-enabled audit log.

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Forecast & simulate dynamically using a spreadsheet-like user interface

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Drive cell-level collaboration with other stakeholders through interactive commenting

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Schedule formatted PDF or Excel file extracts by email; supports shared folder destinations

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Writeback Power BI reports to SQL Server, Snowflake, Azure SQL, BigQuery, OneDrive & SharePoint.

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Deliver flexibility in layout, context, presentation and formatting for report developers using a no-code user experience.
Use cases and Editions

The fastest way to build Power BI reports & visualizations


Everything in Standard Edition, along with advanced calculation, analysis & presentation capabilities


Everything in Professional, along with advanced formatted export, data entry, simulation, and forecasting capabilities.


Everything in Premium, along with collaboration, scheduling, and broadcasting capabilities.

Detailed Features

Deliver flexibility in layout, context, presentation and formatting for report developers using a no-code user experience.
Extensive no-code formatting

Format report layouts, rows, columns, cells, titles, headers, text and values exactly as you want it

Note, annotate & comment on data

Tell better stories and collaborate better with cell, row & measure-level comments

Create awesome graphical tables

Add customizable charts (bar, sparkline, bullet, waterfall, dumbbell range, stacked) to your table in a single click

Insert formula rows & measures

Leverage no-code visual formula engine to insert rows and measures; Includes conditional calculations

Leverage advanced pagination

Utilize First-Previous-Next-Last pagination out-of-the-box; Configure smart page breaks and section breaks

Dynamic conditional formatting

Perform conditional formatting in a click with pre-set options with advanced configurability

Dynamic conditional formatting

Perform report exports to Excel and PDF along with formatting and hierarchy structures

Writeback your data

Save data along with comments to database, OneDrive, SharePoint, and publish to URLs

Collaborate with stakeholders & users

Leverage real-time governed commenting, email notifications, and commentary digests

Perform what-if simulations

Simulate performance on-the-fly based on changing business conditions, and visualize projections and variances

Control, audit & govern

Track changes to report using interactive & query-enabled audit & report log; Monitor usage statistics

Schedule and broadcasting

Schedule and broadcast reports supporting row level security (RLS) to email, OneDrive and SharePoint

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About Inforiver!

Inforiver delivers the fastest way to build collaborative reports in Power BI through a seamless low-code / no-code experience. The product is developed by Lumel Technologies, which has a decade of experience in building visualization products including ValQ, xViz and BI Hub.
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