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Inforiver Premium August 2023 Update – Version 2.4 

by Inforiver | Sep 08, 2023 | ,

Welcome to the Inforiver Premium 2.4 release update. We are thrilled to announce several new features and key enhancements to forecasting, formulas & functions, headers and UI/UX - most anticipated by our Inforiver community!   

Key enhancements in this 2.4 release are listed below. Feel free to jump to any specific section!  

  1. New unified interface for manage aggregation
  2. Enhancements to Date operations
  3. Invert measures
  4. Top N – Others
  5. Row level header preset
  6. Enhancements to charts
  7. Ease of use
  8. Appearance and display

1. New unified interface for manage aggregation

With the 2.4 release, the interface for setting aggregation enables you to set aggregation at global level, measure level as well as category level in a centralized configuration window.

Manage-aggregation UI
Manage aggregation output

2. Enhancements to Date operations

2.1  Restore order for non-Power BI dates 

Your dataset may contain date values that are not in Power BI standard format, in this case, Inforiver will order the fields alphabetically. If you have re-ordered the fields for analysis, you can easily revert to the original alphabetical sequence using the ‘Reset Header order’ option. 

Reset header order

2.2 Handling date hierarchies in filters

You can now create various comprehensive filters on fields which contain hierarchical date values. 

date hierarchy filters

3. Invert measures

 3.1 Invert sign for individual measures 

Inforiver now allows you to change the sign for a single measure at both child and parent level. For a given row, select any cell and click on the ‘Invert’ button.  

Notice how the sign for the Discount measure has been flipped in the example below. 

Invert measure

When hierarchical data is involved, you can also change the sign for a particular measure at parent level, this will be cascaded to all the child rows. 

Invert measure parent

3.2 Sign measure from source

The sign measures in your datasets can now be applied to all the measures used in a report. 

Invert sign report

4. Top N – Others

The ‘Others’ option for Top N items has been enhanced to cater to hierarchies which contain the same element at different levels. 

TopN sample dataset

4.1 Add/Remove from others

You can now choose to remove a particular element from its immediate parent or from all levels which contain that element. The same applies to adding an element to the Others bracket. 

Remove from others options

4.2 Highlight rows for add/remove from Others 

If you decide to move a particular element to the Others bucket, you can choose whether to move the elements under the immediate parent only or from all levels of the hierarchy. To easily identify such rows, Inforiver also provides an option to highlight rows which are moved to Others. 

highlight rows moved to others

The rows which are manually moved to the Others bucket are highlighted. Inforiver also offers additional customizations such as setting a custom background and border colour. The same applies if you remove a row from the Others section as well.  

Highlighted Others row

5. Row level header preset

A new header preset has been added which enables you to efficiently filter and view data under selected categories. 

header preset

Simply click on the category to be analysed to quickly filter data for those category/categories only. 

header preset output

6. Enhancements to charts

6.1 Cell level customizations for charts 

You can now emphasize your data by applying customizations for individual cells. You can change the colour of the data label at a cell level. 

charts data label color

6.2 Waffle chart alignment

The alignment for waffle charts has been rectified. Reports that use waffle charts will be more visually appealing with the charts being centre aligned for each row. 

Waffle charts

7. Ease of use

The enhancements outlined in this section contribute to making your interactions with Inforiver a smoother, more efficient, and straightforward experience.  

7.1 Formula bar 

All the formulas that you have implemented on your data are now at your fingertips. To view the underlying logic, click on any cell of a measure or column that contains a formula. 

Formula in toolbar

7.2 Highlight brackets in formulas

With the 2.4. release, Inforiver simplifies writing complex formulas by highlighting the opening and closing braces. 

Highlight brackets in formula

7.3 Custom scaling for calculated rows

In certain cases, the values in calculated rows may not conform to the number scaling set at report level. With the 2.4. release, you can apply a custom scaling factor based on the nature of the calculation applied. 

Custom scaling for calculated rows

7.4 Error handling for missing reference errors

Inforiver provides a global error handling setting which internally handles missing reference errors and converts the missing values to 0 when used in calculations. 

Consider that you are deriving the standard deviation for beverages across EMEA and APAC regions. 

Reference errors original data

If EMEA data is not available, the calculation will still work seamlessly in the report without throwing errors. 

Error handling data after removing

Notice how a missing reference error is displayed when the error handling setting is disabled. 

Ref error

8. Appearance and display

8.1 Grid borders

You can apply and customize the borders applied for the entire gird in the report. You can set the colour, thickness, and type of border. 

Grid borders

8.2 Increase scroll bar thickness

You can smoothly scroll through reports with large volumes of data with the option to increase the width of the scrollbar. 

Scroll bar thickness

Other Enhancements: 

1. Long field header names can be word wrapped and displayed fully. 

Long header name

2. Measure on rows layout has been augmented to support word wrap, auto fit and adding notes. 

Measure on rows

3. The semantic number formatting section has an additional option to display negative values as positive. 

Semantic formatting

Licensing Updates: 

A warning message will be displayed for passive and free license users after the number of auditable actions exceeds 15. Any operations beyond the threshold will be allowed but cannot be saved. 

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