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Inforiver Charts is now Inforiver Analytics+ (Charts + Cards + Tables)

With the November 3.2 release, Inforiver Charts becomes a 3-in-1 integrated visual for dashboards & storyboards - the first of its kind with 50+ charts, KPI cards, and tables in a single visual platform. To reflect this change, we have renamed the product from Inforiver Charts to Inforiver Analytics+. Why Analytics+: The details There are […]

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Inforiver Analytics+ - Vision and Roadmap 

Our long-term vision for Inforiver Analytics+ is that it becomes the “No-Code Visualization and Storytelling Platform of Choice” across all data platforms (Azure (Fabric & Power BI), GCP (Big Query & Looker), AWS, Snowflake, Data Bricks, etc.). With over a decade of deep experience from our Visual BI Days with VBX for SAP Lumira, then xViz […]

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Inforiver Enterprise November 2023 Update – Version 2.6

Welcome to the Inforiver Enterprise 2.6 release update!   We are thrilled to announce several new features and key enhancements most anticipated by Inforiver user community – including writeback, forecasting, data input, scenarios, and collaboration!     Key enhancements in this release are listed below. Feel free to use the shortcuts to jump to any specific section!  1. […]

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Inforiver Premium November 2023 Update – Version 2.6

Welcome to the Inforiver Premium 2.6 release update! We are thrilled to announce exciting new features like on-load scripts and time intelligence formulae. We also have a range of new customization options and enhancements across forecasting, excel export, variance calculations, and more - most anticipated by our Inforiver user community!      Key enhancements in the 2.6 […]

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Create a monthly forecast or budget tracker in Power BI

Almost every professional working in sales, operations, or finance has used a monthly tracker in Excel with categories in rows and months or weeks across columns. Most times, this template is used to compare actual performance to projections.   We are going to see how you can create such a template in Power BI, with the […]

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How to add forecast for periods not available in your Power BI data model

You have a sales/forecast report in Power BI, and your manager asks you to add forecasts for future periods. You suddenly realize that these periods are not yet available in your data model, which sources its data from a source like SQL Server or Azure. How do you handle this?  Traditionally, you would reach out […]

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Creating forecasts based on existing data in Power BI 

In an earlier column, we explored how to create a forecast using a blank template in Power BI. Today we will explore creating a forecast based on already existing data. This can be helpful in several scenarios.  (a) You can create a forecast based on actual performance (from past periods).  (b) You can create a […]

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Forecasting using a Blank Template in Power BI

A common requirement for organizations is to forecast using a blank template in Power BI, just as you would do with Microsoft Excel. Data in this case may be entered by a single individual or by many individuals across the organization.  Let us explore how you can set this up quickly in Power BI using […]

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Inforiver’s developer-based subscription pricing: How it is going to change

Last year, Microsoft introduced the ability for businesses to directly procure, license and administer AppSource visuals through Microsoft platforms. With the ease of directly purchasing with Microsoft and with proper license management that came with it - we were hoping to drive the adoption of our popular Inforiver premium matrix. But just as with every […]

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Budget vs. Forecast: A comparison

We often hear about budgets, plans and forecasts, and may have wondered – how are they different? Well, let’s take a quick look. Budget vs. Forecast: A quick definition A budget is a goal (or an expectation) set by a business for an upcoming financial cycle. For example, ACME Corp finalized its annual budget for […]

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