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Inforiver’s developer-based subscription pricing: How it is going to change

Last year, Microsoft introduced the ability for businesses to directly procure, license and administer AppSource visuals through Microsoft platforms. With the ease of directly purchasing with Microsoft and with proper license management that came with it - we were hoping to drive the adoption of our popular Inforiver premium matrix. But just as with every […]

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Budget vs. Forecast: A comparison

We often hear about budgets, plans and forecasts, and may have wondered – how are they different? Well, let’s take a quick look. Budget vs. Forecast: A quick definition A budget is a goal (or an expectation) set by a business for an upcoming financial cycle. For example, ACME Corp finalized its annual budget for […]

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Inforiver Analytics+ October 2023 Update – Version 3.1.

Last month we released our flagship version 3.0, with a new small multiple/trellis architecture and no-code framework with which every chart type can be turned into a new modern ‘Visual Pivot Table’.   The October update of Inforiver Analytics+ (version 3.1) further enhances the capabilities offered and comes packaged with core enhancements across UI/UX, chart customizations, […]

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Data Writeback in Power BI using Inforiver Featured in Microsoft Power BI October 2023

We're excited to announce that Inforiver has been highlighted in the Microsoft Power BI October 2023 feature summary blog. This acknowledgment stems from our latest upgrade: writeback capabilities for Microsoft Fabric Lakehouse, Fabric Datawarehouse, and Dataverse, in addition to other leading DWH, DL, and Databases. For a hands-on look, please check out this 2-minute demo […]

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Building a Comparison Report in Power BI

A comparison report is one that helps users list two tables side by side to compare performance. For example, the user may list sales data for two years side by side as follows.  Sometimes this extends to users comparing two workbooks side by side too. In Power BI, you will have to utilize multiple tables […]

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Inforiver Premium October 2023 Update – Version 2.5   

Welcome to the Inforiver Premium 2.5 release update. We are thrilled to announce several new features and key enhancements to filter/slicer context aware comments, data input, forecasting, aggregation, row management - most anticipated by our Inforiver community!     Key enhancements in this 2.5 release are listed below. Each section in this document corresponds to the section […]

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Measures in Rows vs. Columns vs. Nested Columns  

In an earlier post, we learned how you can leverage multiple tabular report layouts in Power BI in a single click using Inforiver. In each of these layouts, you can also customize how you want your measures to be displayed (let’s call them ‘Measure Layouts’).   Measure layouts give you the flexibility to determine how measures […]

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Comments with Filter/Slicer Context Awareness in Power BI

Comments with Filter/Slicer Context Awareness in Power BI There are a couple of options available in the market today for implementing a commentary solution in Power BI. You may use PowerApps or go for a write-back solution with the help of a custom visual. Unfortunately, both types of solutions have a major drawback. When users […]

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Rounding in Financial Statements

Rounding in Financial Statements Rounding in financial statements needs to work a bit differently from what we are used to in Excel and tabular reports from popular software like Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, Cognos, etc.  One key rule as per generally accepted financial standards & practices is that the totals must match the sum of […]

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Inforiver Enterprise October 2023 Update – Version 2.5  

Welcome to the Inforiver Enterprise 2.5 release update. We are thrilled to announce several new features and key enhancements to writeback, forecasting, access management, data input - most anticipated by our Inforiver community!   Key enhancements in this 2.5 release are listed below. Feel free to jump to any specific section!   1. Writeback2. Data Input3. Forecasts4. Snapshots5. […]

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