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Implementing Tables With 100+ Columns (Wide Tables) in Power BI

by Inforiver | May 23, 2023 |

Typical reports consumed by enterprises contain table / matrix visuals that utilize a few columns (say 10), and a huge number of rows (say, 100, 500, or 2000).

However, it is not uncommon for business users to utilize wide tables (say tables with 365 columns, tracking each day in a year) in spreadsheets and other BI tools. Unfortunately, the Power BI matrix supports only up to 100 columns.

When you cross this threshold, the additional columns get truncated, and an “i” icon appears with a warning message. Here is an example of a Power Bi matrix with a dataset that contains 240 countries.

wide tables

Inforiver Supports Up to 1000 Columns in Power BI

When you render the same data using Inforiver, you get all the countries in the table.

wide table with 100+ columns in Power BI

By default, Inforiver supports up to 60 columns. You can go to the Home à Display à Hierarchy and set ‘Max columns’ to up to 1000. (If you do not change this setting, your additional columns will be truncated, and you will see the same ‘i’ icon that you come across in a native matrix visual)

Max columns
configure max columns up to 1000 in Power BI

Here is a detailed video of wide table support in Inforiver.

Try out your own wide tables in Power BI using Inforiver.

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