Standard Edition

Inforiver’s Standard Edition offers the fastest way to build formatted reports & visualizations using one-click IBCS-compliant templates.


One-Click Visualizations

Create graphical tables (tables + graphs) at the click of a button. In-cell charts available include bar, waterfall, lollipop, range dumb bells, stacked chart & a variety of bullet & variance charts

One-click Business Templates

Leverage one-click prebuilt business templates that are compliant with International Business Communication Standards (IBCS)

Insert Calculated Rows

Insert calculated rows on the fly using an intuitive, context-rich formula editor that supports spreadsheet-like calculations


Create reports spanning multiple pages, with First-Previous-Next-Last navigation. While using hierarchies, you can also insert smart section breaks (that inserts a blank row once all children under a given category are exhausted) and smart page breaks (which starts the next parent category in the next page).

Notes & Annotations

Create row, cell and column level annotations, footnotes, and more

Manage rows & columns

Rearrange and move around rows and columns using a click-and-drag action. Edit row headers, column headers and total values in a matter of few clicks

Top N + Others

You do not have to wrestle with DAX to implement capabilities such as Top n + Others, which comes with additional customization options.

One-click Flexible Number Formatting

Format numbers the way you want, using one of several pre-set formats in a click. Inforiver packs several such features that are not possible even in spreadsheets.

Looking for more?

Explore Inforiver Professional

The Professional Edition is an upgrade to the Standard edition, and offers more capabilities

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About Inforiver!

Inforiver delivers the fastest way to build collaborative reports in Power BI through a seamless low-code / no-code experience. The product is developed by Lumel Technologies, which has a decade of experience in building visualization products including ValQ, xViz and BI Hub.
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