Standard Edition

Inforiver’s Standard Edition offers the fastest way to build formatted reports & visualizations using one-click IBCS-compliant templates. Using IBCS (International Business Communication Standards) notations have been found to reduce error rate by 61% and processing time by 46%*.

*Source: Freyer, J. et al.: More than just a standard — How IBCS facilitates the perception of business data. Creative Space Publishing, Charleston, USA, 2019.


One-Click Visualizations  

Create graphical tables (tables + graphs) at the click of a button. In-cell charts available include bar, waterfall, lollipop, range dumb bells, stacked chart & a variety of bullet & variance charts 

One-click visualization charts

One-click Business Templates  

Leverage one-click prebuilt business templates that are compliant with International Business Communication Standards (IBCS)

Insert Calculated Rows

Insert calculated rows on the fly using an intuitive, context-rich formula editor that supports spreadsheet-like calculations


Create reports spanning multiple pages, with First-Previous-Next-Last navigation. While using hierarchies, you can also insert smart section breaks (that inserts a blank row once all children under a given category are exhausted) and smart page breaks (which starts the next parent category in the next page).

Notes & Annotations  

Create row, cell and column level annotations, footnotes, and more

Manage rows & columns  

Rearrange and move around rows and columns using a click-and-drag action. Edit row headers, column headers and total values in a matter of few clicks

Top N + Others   

You do not have to wrestle with DAX to implement capabilities such as Top n + Others, which comes with additional customization options. 

One-click Flexible Number Formatting  

Format numbers the way you want, using one of several pre-set formats in a click. Inforiver packs several such features that are not possible even in spreadsheets.

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