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On-object interactions in Microsoft Power BI – Our first impressions

The team behind Inforiver has been a strong proponent of design advancements for both report development and end-user consumption experiences across BI tools such as Power BI, Tableau, and Qlik. To this effect, the Inforiver delivered a compelling tool-bar-driven, no-code user experience in Power BI. We are glad to see Microsoft release on-object interaction capabilities […]

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Measuring what matters: Supply chain KPIs dashboard using Power BI

An effective supply chain management system ensures that products are delivered to customers on time and in the right condition. This results in higher customer satisfaction levels, which can lead to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.  A supply chain analysis dashboard can help improve customer satisfaction in several ways:   1. Real-time tracking of shipments: […]

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Workflow automation using Inforiver and Microsoft 365 Ecosystem

In this blog post series, we will focus on Inforiver’s advanced Writeback feature for PowerBI, i.e., the ability to write data directly from your Power BI reports to databases. We will particularly focus on its integration with the entire Power Platform and Microsoft 365 Ecosystem. In order to demonstrate the seamless integration and automation possibilities, […]

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Freeze column in a table/matrix

Check this out from Power BI Ideas: It'd be great to be able to freeze a left-hand column in a table so users can scroll and keep track of what row they're looking at.  Excel allows us to freeze columns (and rows) for easier navigation. See the example below.    This basic feature will be extremely […]

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Measure-based small multiple in Power BI 

You have often seen category-based small multiple in Power BI. For example, here is a small multiple based on a category called Class, whose values are Deluxe, Economy and Regular. Note that all the three carts show the same measure Sales. This is essentially a category-based small multiple. Similarly, is it possible to create a measure-based […]

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Visual measures in Power BI: Why they are awesome and why every developer needs it

The typical star-schema data model consists of a set of dimension tables, and a single fact table. The fact table holds measures such as Sales, Quantity, Units and more. Dimensions such as time (e.g., Year, Quarter and Month) and other categories (e.g., regions, products, and sales reps) are used to slice and dice these measures.   […]

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Conditional formatting of multiple hierarchies

Related to Power BI Ideas -  Often times in a Power BI matrix, we would like to apply conditional formatting to specific levels in a hierarchy.  Let us take the example below which features sales by Country and Product type in rows, and Segment in columns. We would like to conditionally format any products […]

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The need for better management of comparative measures in Power BI

A visual, including a table or a matrix, can typically accommodate multiple measures with some exceptions. Most visuals in tools such as Power BI, Tableau, Qlik and Spotfire tend to treat all measures equally and are also based on a single measure. However, this leads to poorer user experience.  Consider the following example.  At ACME […]

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Turn off matrix totals in Power BI

Related to Power BI Ideas: Turn off Matrix Total -  When we use the native matrix visual in Power BI, the process to turn off the grand total is not straightforward and intuitive. We can only turn off the totals or subtotals at a specific level as shown below:  In Inforiver matrix visual, we can […]

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Inforiver Matrix December 2022 Update – Version 1.8

Welcome to the Inforiver Matrix December 2022 update. We are thrilled to announce several new features and key enhancements (for all the editions) most anticipated by our Inforiver community!    Key enhancements in this v1.8 release are listed below. Feel free to jump to any specific section for more details.  1. Report level notes & rich […]

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