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Use Cases

A 360-degree solution for BI + EPM + CPM supporting the following key use cases

1. Explore

Data entry

Inforiver offers an advanced KPI explorer that allows you to filter rows, columns and measures, sort by name or value and highlight row hierarchies using rules or ranges. You can also leverage nested AND/OR filters and filter groups for a flexible and powerful filtering experience​.

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2. Pivot data

Enrich your analysis & decision-making by applying pivot-table like capabilities inside Power BI. Inforiver offers expand/collapse enabled hierarchies, flexible excel-like layouts such as classic, stepped, outline and option to show measures on rows or columns using the pivot mode.

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Data entry

3. Calculate

Data entry
Leverage a no-code visual formula engine which supports 50+ functions (logical, math, boolean etc.,) and identifiers. Use spreadsheet-like formula bar to edit cell value or formula; supports formula references to other cells. Insert static rows and columns where you can manually type in values (supports scaled entries) or define calculations using the formula editor.
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4. Tell stories

Tell compelling stories using 40+ charts, rich customizable themes, small multiples, data-level comments and more​. Enrich your narratives using dynamic titles, data tags and measure-driven data labels. Explain the context and provide insights using dynamic data-level comments and annotations
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Data entry

5. Visualization

Data entry

Inforiver delivers 40+ single and multi-measure visualizations and a range of in-cell charts and visualizations for your matrix reports. Where other BI tools require scripting for creating advanced chart types or delivering customizations, Inforiver delivers fully customizable charts using a 100% no-code experience.

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6. Reporting

Enterprises looking to build reports expect flexibility in layout, presentation & formatting. What has been originally an IT-centric capability is now available through a low-code/no-code experience for business users.

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Paginated reporting

7. Enter data

Data entry

Distributed data entry where multiple users in an organization need to populate a report with values, dates, text etc. has several practical applications. Inforiver provides several data input types such as number, single/multi select, text, date and more.

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8. Collaboration

Drive cell-level collaboration with other stakeholders through interactive commenting. Supports @ mentions, task assignment & tracking, email notifications and periodic digests.

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9. Forecasting 


With Inforiver, you can quickly create sales forecasts, business plans or financial budgets. Any value entered in a parent row gets distributed to its children. By default, it is distributed equally, but you can also opt to distribute based on other data (e.g., prior year actuals).​​ Values entered in child rows automatically roll up to the top.

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10. Simulations

Perform what-if analysis on the fly using a graphical slider to simulate and roll-up or spread-down changes in hierarchies. ​​Use in-cell editing that supports percentage calculations (e.g., +10%) as well as scaled values (e.g., -35m)​.
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11. Writeback


With Inforiver’s user-friendly writeback capability users can post data and comments from the visual to databases such as Azure SQL, SQL Server, Snowflake, BigQuery, Oracle, and more. Users can also writeback to shared drives such as OneDrive and SharePoint and URL endpoints.

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12. Scheduling & Broadcasting

Schedule reports and deliver formatted PDF or Excel file extracts through email or shared folders to other stakeholders. While this has been traditionally an IT-centric use case, Inforiver allows business users to schedule reports with ease.

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