Professional Edition

The Professional edition delivers everything available in Standard edition, and more.


Following are some capabilities unique to the Professional Edition.
This edition also delivers all capabilities provided by the standard edition.

Financial Statement Templates

Leverage one-click financial reporting templates to build P&L / income statements and reports 

Financial Statement Templates

Advanced Visual Calculations 

Insert calculated rows, columns, and measures on the fly without using DAX.

Note that the Standard edition allows you to only insert row calculations. To be able to add columns & measures, you need the Professional Edition

Cell Editor

Update or replace values of specific cells in your report. The interface supports scaled data entry (e.g. 28k instead of 28,000) and formula based calculations. What’s more – you can also refer to other cells in your calculations, pretty much like spreadsheets.

Group Rows & Columns

Get the flexibility of grouping rows & columns to build visual hierarchies, just as you are used to doing in spreadsheets. Inforiver has lot of such capabilities that deliver the best of both words – spreadsheets and Power BI.  

Nested AND/OR filtering

Reorder, resize, hide rows & columns; Customize row & column header text, and create hierarchies at the visual level.

Audit Log

Track changes to your data & report; Leverage dynamic filtering and export the change log to excel  

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