Premium Edition

The Premium edition delivers everything available in Professional & Standard editions, and more.


Following are some capabilities unique to the Premium Edition.
This edition also delivers capabilities highlighted in standard & professional editions.

Formatted Export to Excel/PDF

Export to spreadsheet and pdf files from within Power BI without losing formatting. All the font text, background, in-cell annotations, footnotes, and data bars are exported to Excel seamlessly.

The PDF export also exports all charts & in-cell visualizations, and retains forced pagination of data as enforced by the ‘page break’ option.

Manual data entry

Create input-enabled static measures that can allow data entry.

While using hierarchies, you can spreads data entered on a parent cell to its descendants (rows & columns), based on weights from other measures. This is a great way to create quick sales forecasts, business plans or financial budgets. 

What-If Forecasting & Simulations

Create what-if scenarios and quick forecasts on the fly; Use the graphical slider to simulate and roll-up or spread-down changes in hierarchies. Use in-cell editing that supports percentage calculations (e.g. +10%) as well as scaled values (e.g. -35m)

Create blended measures/columns

Create blended measures/columns

Accommodate multiple measures visually in a single column

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