While Inforiver comes packed with tons of great features, here are some of the key ones

Inforiver - Features

Extensive cell-level formatting

Highlight text, background, and borders; align content, orient header text, and perform extensive number formatting

Inforiver - Features

Note, annotate & comment on data 

Enhance your data stories with cell, row & measure-level notes & annotations; Includes options for footnotes

Inforiver - Features

Create awesome graphical tables

Add customizable charts (bar, sparkline, bullet, waterfall, dumbbell range, stacked) to your table in a single click

Insert Row/Column/Calculations

Insert formula rows & measures

Leverage no-code visual formula engine to insert rows and measures; Includes conditional calculations


Leverage advanced pagination

Paginate your data and add smart page breaks; Choose one of several paginated report layouts

Conditional Formatting

Add conditional formatting 

Perform one-click dynamic conditional formatting; includes cross-formatting options (highlight measure A based on measure B)

Features-Export to Excel & PDF with formatting

Export to Excel & PDF with formatting

Perform formatted report exports to spreadsheets and PDF


Writeback your data

Save data along with comments to database, OneDrive, SharePoint, and publish to URLs


Collaborate with stakeholders & users

Leverage real-time governed commenting, email notifications, and commentary digests.

Features- What-If Simulations

Perform what-if simulations

Simulate performance on-the-fly based on changing business conditions, and visualize projections and variances

Audit & Governance

Control, audit & govern

Track changes to report using interactive & query-enabled audit & report log; Monitor usage statistics

Features - Scheduling & Broadcasting

Schedule and broadcast

Schedule and broadcast reports supporting row level security (RLS) to email, OneDrive and SharePoint