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Insert row and manually enter data in Power BI matrix reports

by Inforiver | Dec 19, 2021 | , , ,

Quite often we would like to insert a row in our table / matrix reports in Power BI and enter our own data. For example, a financial statement report connecting to a database query may be able to fetch revenue & expense metrics. But it might not retrieve the number of shares outstanding. Similarly, a sales report can leave out the sales data for a newly launched product category.

To address such scenarios, Inforiver allows users to insert a static row for your matrix style reports with where you can input or enter the data.

To perform this, go to Insert -> Insert Row -> Static Row from the tool bar.

Insert static row

Then type in the name of the row header or category. In this case we are making an entry 'Specialty Beverages'. We keep the option 'Include in Total' enabled. This ensures that any values that we type in for 'Specialty Beverages' also updates the parent row 'Beverages'.

Include in Total

You will see an empty record created right beneath 'Tea and Coffee', the row that was originally selected prior to the 'Insert Row' operation. Type in a value against 2021 Actuals, say 8578k. Note that Inforiver allows entry of scaled values (e.g. 45.3m instead of 45,300,000).

Entry of scaled values

Now press the Enter key or tab out. This converts the value to the default measure scale, which is in millions (as indicated in the header title). Also, the 'Beverages' and 'All' categories totals are also updated.

Converts value to default measure scale

For downstream calculations, you can also use the option to insert rows using the Static Row option. Choose 'Calculated Row' instead of 'Static Row' in the very first step.

Insert row and manually enter data in Power BI matrix reports

To learn more, check out the blogs on 5 types of manual data entry options and inserting calculated columns/measures.

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