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Use Case #8 – Writeback

Writeback Power BI reports to SQL Server, Snowflake, Azure SQL, BigQuery, OneDrive, SharePoint and more.

Available only in Inforiver Enterprise. Learn more

Writeback to databases

Write back to a destination of your choice, including Snowflake, Azure SQL, BigQuery, and more

Shared drive support

Writeback to shared drives including OneDrive and SharePoint

HTTPS endpoint support

Inforiver supports writing to custom URLs so that you can integrate data with downstream applications

Selective measures

Let your users choose which measures need to be written back

Aggregated vs. granular data

Leverage options to write back granular data or summarized data from the matrix

Delta vs full writeback

Receive email notifications instantly when someone responds to you, mentions you or assigns a task to you

Forecasts & simulation data

Drive collaborative forecasts & simulations seamlessly using writeback

Writeback comments

Writeback cell-level comments and conversations along with data

Selective user authorization

Restrict users who will have the rights to writeback

Write back to a destination of your choice

With Inforiver Enterprise, your users can writeback data in Power BI reports to databases (on premise or cloud), shared drives and HTTPS endpoints
Power BI writeback to Azure, Snowflake, BigQuery and more

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WEBINAR: Data entry, update and writeback options


In this webinar, learn how you can create budgets, forecasts and dynamic what-if simulations, and comment on the data before you write back to various destinations like Snowflake seamlessly

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Use Cases include Reporting, Visualizations, Analysis, Data Provenance & Audit, Forecasting & Simulations, Scheduling, Collaboration & Writeback
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