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Implement SUM measure totals in Power BI (without using DAX)

by Inforiver | Nov 02, 2022 |

In Microsoft Power BI, quite often, the results in total rows do not correspond to the sum of the individual rows when DAX measures are used. This is because the total is computed based on the DAX formula. To obtain the correct total, one may have to write complicated DAX queries which is quite a struggle for less-experienced Power BI users.   

Inforiver provides you options to configure totals the way you want, out of the box. Totals can be aggregated easily using the option - Row Aggregation Type. By default, it is set to Formula – i.e., it calculates totals & subtotals based on the formula. Changing the Row Aggregation Type to type Sum ensures that the individual rows are added to calculate totals. 

(Note: Inforiver also offers other aggregation types such as minimum, maximum, average, visible rounding etc.) 

Row Aggregation Type

In the example below, we need to calculate the number of categories with revenue > 200m. We see that there are 3 such categories. However, the formula for Score 1 uses Formula aggregation, which applies the formula to the total row as well, returning 1. Meanwhile Score 2 uses Sum aggregation, and therefore returns the sum of the individual rows which is 3. 

Measure totals

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