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Inforiver Enterprise October 2022 Update 

by Inforiver | Oct 06, 2022 | , ,

Welcome to the Inforiver Enterprise October 2022 update. We are thrilled to announce several new features and key enhancements most anticipated by our Inforiver community! 
Inforiver Enterprise SaaS edition is now available for purchase in Microsoft Appsource!  
Key enhancements in this 1.7 release are listed below. Feel free to jump to any specific section for more details. 

Data Input

  1. Check box column 
  2. Create list of values (LOV) from other Power BI datasets or dimensions  
  3. Export audit log enhancement 
  4. Support for ‘Values on Rows’  


  1. New destinations support – Amazon Redshift, Single Store (MEMSQL) and Synapse Analytics Dedicated SQL Pool 
  2. User managed scenarios  
  3. New sync database destination – Snowflake 


  1. Active Directory - AD Group import for User Management  
  2. Onboarding actions  
  3. New page called ‘My Subscriptions’ for admins to view their subscriptions 


  1. Bulk Import/Export support for filters/bookmarks 
  2. Enhancements in SharePoint and Microsoft Teams scheduling 

Reading View

Data Input

1. New data type – Checkbox 

v1.7 introduces a new data input column type – checkbox as shown below.  

New data type – Checkbox

2. Create list from datasets 

For columns of type Single Select and Multi Select, list of values (LOV) can be created from your Power BI datasets or from other dimensions like Master Data reference fields as shown in the below video.

Inforiver Enterprise October 2022 Update 

3. Export audit logs

Data input and allocations are tracked in audit log and can be exported as an excel file.   

Export audit logs

The exported file has 2 additional sheets – Data Entry and Sync. If data input columns are configured to sync with an external database, the status of sync operations are captured in the sheet ‘Sync’. 

Export audit logs - Sync

4. Support for ‘Values on Rows’

When switching to Pivot Mode ->Values on Rows, all data input columns except checkboxes and date are supported. 

Support for ‘Values on Rows’

5. Sorting of data input columns 

Sorting ascending or descending is supported for all data input columns except checkboxes. 

Sorting of data input columns

6. Autofill rows & columns

Till the previous version, only numbers could be auto filled across rows and columns. In v1.7, values can be copied for all other types except checkboxes.  

Autofill rows & columns

7. Other enhancements

a) You can apply rich text formatting for text columns such as font color, style, highlights and inserting links. It is very useful for highlighting variances and calling attention to important outliers and exceptions within the notes and comments.  

Rich text formatting

b) Date columns support date entry in addition to selection from the calendar.

Date columns - date entry

c) Support for auto wrap of the data input columns has been added.  

Auto wrap support

To enable auto wrap, in ‘Home’ -> ‘Auto fit’, turn on the ‘Auto wrap columns’ option. 

Auto wrap columns

d) Text/Single-Select/Multi-Select columns are inserted as visual columns by default. 



1. New writeback destinations 

V1.7 supports 3 new destinations - Amazon Redshift, SingleStore and Azure Synapse Analytics Dedicated SQL Pool. Azure Synapse Serverless is in our short-term roadmap and will be added soon.  

New writeback destinations 

2. Scenarios

User managed scenarios have been introduced which replaces the earlier process of creating/updating versions. 

‘Manage Scenarios’ allows users to select series that needs to be included in the scenario.  

Manage Scenarios

a) Scenarios can be locked which locks it from writeback.  

In the below example, Scenario 2 has been locked as seen in the first image. On clicking writeback, the scenarios displayed doesn’t include Scenario 2. 

Scenario Lock from writeback

b) Writeback of scenarios from reading mode for viewers can be enabled or allowed only for select users. 

Scenario 1 has been enabled for writeback in reading mode as seen in the first image. In reading mode, only Scenario 1 is available for writeback. 

Selected scenario writeback

c) Specific users can be provided permissions for performing the writeback.

User permission - writeback

3. New sync database destination 

External databases can be configured to live update changes in data input columns. In version 1.7, support for Snowflake as a sync/live database destination has been added.


1. AD Group import 

Users can be added from AD groups as shown below.  

AD Group import

In the below image, the group ‘Inforiver – COE’ has been added. Once someone from the group logs in, an account will be created for the user with member access to the workspace. If someone is removed from the Active Directory AD group, the changes can be updated in the Inforiver workspace by syncing. As a result, the user account will be deleted from the workspace. 

AD Group - User management

2. Onboarding actions 

‘Onboarding Actions’ has been introduced to facilitate admins with necessary configurations such as consents, integrations, user management and writeback/sync settings. 

Onboarding actions

3. Subscriptions 

A new page called ‘My Subscriptions’ has been added to the scheduler console. This will help admins to view subscriptions created by them separately. Admins can view all the subscriptions in the workspace in the ‘All Subscriptions’ page. 


4. Destination settings 

Admins can decide if writeback to file destinations is allowed for end users. 


1. Bulk Import/Export support for filters and bookmarks 

In case of emails, you can bulk import/export recipients with ease.  

Bulk Import/Export support

On clicking ‘Bulk Upload’, you can download a sample file as shown below. You can fill the details and upload the same. 

Bulk Upload

If you have filled it manually or made changes in the console after importing from excel, you can also export the updated recipient list as shown below. 

Export the updated recipient

2. SharePoint scheduling uses the graph API and lists the sites available for the user in the selection dropdown. In earlier versions, it was required to paste the link.

SharePoint scheduling dropdown

3. Microsoft Teams destination configuration automatically detects the SharePoint folder for file upload. 

Microsoft Teams destination configuration

4. Inforiver Sans font support during preview and export has been introduced. 

Reading View

1. Show my tasks 

Comments that are assigned to users can be accessed from the reading view as shown below. This makes it easier for users with read access to view a consolidated list of the tasks assigned to them. 

Show my tasks

2. Pivot Mode – Values on Rows

You can switch to pivot mode right from the reading view by clicking on the highlighted icon.  

Pivot Mode – Values on Rows

To learn more about the new Premium features and enhancements, visit here

We'd love to hear your ideas for Inforiver – be it a cool new feature or an improvement on existing features. Visit the Inforiver Community to share your ideas, vote on other submissions, and interact with other users.  

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Inforiver is the fastest way to do everything in Power BI. It enables citizen developer productivity and unleashes true self-service with our intuitive and interactive no-code data app suite for Microsoft Power BI. The product is developed by Lumel Technologies Inc, who are #1 Power BI Visuals AppSource Partner serving over 3,000+ customers worldwide with their xViz, Inforiver, and ValQ offerings.
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About Inforiver!

Inforiver is the fastest way to do everything in Power BI. It enables citizen developer productivity and unleashes true self-service with our intuitive and interactive no-code data app suite for Microsoft Power BI. The product is developed by Lumel Technologies Inc, who are #1 Power BI Visuals AppSource Partner serving over 3,000+ customers worldwide with their xViz, Inforiver, and ValQ offerings.

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