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Inforiver Charts - Vision and Roadmap 

by Gopal Krishnamurthy | Sep 07, 2023 |

Our vision for Inforiver Charts is that it becomes the default “No-Code Visualization and Story Telling App” of choice for Microsoft Power BI customers. Our Long-Term Vision is much broader, where it would become the storytelling platform of choice across all data platforms (Azure (Fabric & Power BI), GCP (Big Query & Looker), AWS, Snowflake, Data Bricks, etc.).  With over a decade of deep experience from our Visual BI Days with VBX for SAP Lumira, then xViz for Power BI, and now with Inforiver Charts 3.0 – we are lot closer to our vision than ever before.  

We see a huge opportunity as large enterprise customers continue to pay huge maintenance dollars for multiple BI Platforms (Tableau, Qlik, Spotfire, SAP BOBJ, Cognos, OBIEE …) despite owning Microsoft Power BI through an E5 license bundle. As the data visualization market rapidly evolves into Data Stories and augmented insights use cases – customers are looking for charts that provide stories and insights faster. The user persona using these tools are also more casual/citizen data users vs. Power Users or IT from the last decade.  

Advance Waterfall Chart Types

With Inforiver Charts 3.0 – we have honed in on-canvas interactions which will significantly improve the user experience for casual users to discover and apply properties to customize.

On-Object Interaction

With our new small multiple/Trellis architecture framework with a full hierarchy expand/collapse experience – every chart type can be turned into a new modern “Visual Pivot Table.”  

Manage Measures in Trellis

Now that we have our new architecture and no-code framework in place with our 3.0 release - It is my pleasure to share our short and medium-term roadmap as we can rapidly bring new storytelling chart types (usually not available in any BI tools out of the box) as well as some very advanced chart types such as (Box Plot and Marimekko). Also, all the new chart types will also have small multiples/trellis support which should enable more TIBCO Spotfire and Tableau customers to easily migrate and consolidate with Power BI.  

Charts Roadmap 2023

After you try it – will you support our bold claim of 1 minute to visualize and 5 minutes to full value with Inforiver Charts 3.0? 

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