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Inforiver Premium Edition featured in Microsoft Power BI Blog

by Inforiver | Feb 18, 2022 | ,

Inforiver's Premium edition is featured in the monthly Microsoft Power BI Blog of February 2022 and the Professional Edition is chosen as the editor's pick for this quarter. Few excerpts from the blog :

Inforiver delivers the fastest way to build reports in Power BI.

The Inforiver premium edition includes everything available in Standard and Professional editions (such as number formatting, calculated rows & columns, notes & annotations, conditional formatting and in-cell visualizations), and additional new capabilities such as manual data capture / inputs for budgets/forecasts, advanced what-if simulations, formatted & paginated exports to PDF & excel, blended measures, and more.

These additional capabilities go beyond reporting, visualization & analysis, and unlock new use cases such as sales planning, financial budgeting, operations forecasting and more.

Learn in detail about Premium edition use cases in Power BI.

Watch this video for a quick run through :

Inforiver Premium Edition featured in Microsoft Power BI Blog

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