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Inforiver Charts FAQ

1. When will Inforiver Charts be Microsoft certified?

Inforiver Charts will be Microsoft Power BI certified before August 31st, 2022.

2. Is Inforiver Charts IBCS (International Business Communication Standards) certified?

Yes. Inforiver provides two implementation options: (a) Stick to strict IBCS Standards while choosing the IBCS Theme, or (b) Achieve flexibility with some customization with the Inforiver theme where you could opt for traditional axis, legends, color choices, etc. based on the needs of your users. The latter option also facilitates change management in migrating your existing reports to Inforiver.

3. Is Inforiver Charts included with Inforiver Matrix purchase?

No. Based on customer feedback - we have decided to unbundle Inforiver Matrix and Inforiver Charts so that there is flexibility to buy subscription for different user count for each product. However, if you purchased before May 31st, 2022, where Inforiver Charts was included in the bundle, the subscription will be grandfathered. In this case, you will have the option to remain in the old pricing plan or switch to new unbundled pricing plan, with the later likely to be beneficial in the long run.

4. Is Inforiver Charts included with Inforiver Enterprise purchase?

No. Inforiver Charts is unbundled and is a separate purchase from both Inforiver Matrix and Inforiver Enterprise. It is done so that you can buy different user quantities for each of the 3 different product SKU (e.g., 500 Inforiver Charts users, 250 Inforiver Matrix users and 100 Inforiver Enterprise users).

5. How is Inforiver Charts different from free custom visuals like Charticulator and Deneb?

Charticulator and Deneb are excellent bespoke custom visuals that provide Power BI developers well-versed with DAX and scripting to create and customize advanced visualizations with features not available in native Power BI visuals. However, they require considerable amount of time and learning to master. Inforiver Charts automates lot of the standards and best practices to render advanced visualizations in just few clicks and is a big timesaver for both developers and end-users. Inforiver also delivers unique capabilities such as measure-centric layouts, multi-dimensional small multiples/trellis charts, exploratory drill down analysis and annotations for data stories that are not available with Charticulator or Deneb (and in most BI platforms as well).

6. Where are annotations stored in Inforiver Charts?

Inforiver Charts supports both canvas and data-point based annotations. You can save annotations directly in your PBIX file provided you have editing rights to the report. The primary advantage is that Inforiver charts does not require access to any database or azure services to store annotations. It offers no-code annotation capabilities pretty much like Microsoft Power Point or Excel.

7. Does Inforiver Charts work with other Power BI native visuals?

Yes. Inforiver Charts ensures that all the native Power BI functionalities like drill through, page and report filters, and slicers work. You can use Inforiver charts & other native Power BI visuals on the same page.

8. Can we customize the Inforiver Charts toolbar?

Yes. We offer reading view customization where you can choose to show/hide various toolbar actions and properties.

9. How is Inforiver Charts PDF export different from native Power BI’s pdf export functionality?

Inforiver Charts can export content that is hidden behind the horizontal and vertical scroll on your screen. This could include annotations, other multi-dimensional small multiple cards etc. On the other hand, the native Power BI only exports a screenshot of what you see directly rendered on your screen.

10. How is Inforiver Charts different from xViz Advanced Visuals?

xViz Advanced Visuals are developer-friendly with lot of customization options. However, Inforiver is more end user friendly with innovative features like exploratory analysis and storytelling & annotations capabilities while automatically adhering to visualization best practices and standards. So – each of our product line caters to different persona and different set of use cases.

11. Does Inforiver license support Embedding/OEM use cases where I can (a) build Power BI reports using Inforiver to service & support multiple customers, or (b) embed Inforiver in our product and sell it for a fee?

No. This license is strictly for Internal use only. You may not embed or bundle (OEM) - Inforiver fully or partially with your own products or services to your customers or any third party for any reason. Any embedding / OEM licensing needs to be based on Power BI SKU used, no of customers and no of users, etc. Contact us to learn more.

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