Being the only IBCS certified solution, Inforiver offers one-click templates for Business and Management Reporting. Inforiver is a Low Code/No Code analytics suite that provides superior capabilities in terms of self-service, personalization, and collaboration features.

With its business-responsive design, Inforiver makes it possible to create IBCS compliant business, management, variance, and performance reports in a single click. With IBCS formatting, you can simply select a template, assign the data, and customize further without any assistance for scripting and programming.

Key capabilities of Inforiver Matrix include:
• Advanced pivot analysis
• Expand/Collapse-enabled row & column hierarchies
• Row & column reordering for visually managing hierarchies
• Header & footer customization
• Integrated inline, footer & column-based commenting and annotations
• Top ‘N’ + others analysis in minimal clicks
• Advanced conditional formatting (including subtotals) with dynamic data selection
• Support for ragged/unbalanced hierarchies
• Totals & subtotals management with split subtotals & grouped subtotals
• Multiple formatting options for themes, appearance, toolbar, and interactivity customizations
• … and more

Key capabilities of Inforiver Charts include:
• Ability to support multiple charting options such as waterfall, line, area, integrated variance, small multiples/trellis
• Persistent highlighting (e.g., difference markers, trend arrows, etc.) and dynamic highlighting (e.g., to measure the difference between two bars on the fly)
• Scale band functionality and dynamic scaling of charts
• Extensive axis label formatting and placement
• Runtime dynamic deviation
• Pixel perfect formatted export to PDF (including pagination) and numeric view export to Excel
… and more

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