Custom sort / reorder of rows & columns in Power BI in seconds

by Inforiver | Nov 05, 2021 | ,

Till date, the options to perform a custom sort or reorder of rows (or columns) in Power BI have been limited. This is the case with many other BI tools as well.

One common Power BI workaround requires you to modify your data model. You will need to create a separate column that defines a custom sort key for each category. The Power BI table/matrix then uses this sort key to present the items in the appropriate order. While this approach works as intended, you unnecessarily end up creating unwanted dependencies. E.g., if your company launches a new product, you will have to update the table to define its sort position.

With Inforiver, you can just click and drag rows or columns to order the categories the way you want. You do not have to do data-model level changes anymore. This helps your users focus more on building reports that you need and the way you want, without having to spend time learning or mastering Power BI workarounds.

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With the custom sort / reorder feature, you can build formatted financial statements such as income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flows with ease. You can also insert calculated rows or columns and move them around.

Check out the (relatively) elaborate video on how to build a P&L statement using Inforiver in less than five minutes. Note that Inforiver delivers a wide array of features including custom sort order of rows using a no-code user-friendly experience.

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