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Microsoft Power BI - Export to PDF not working for Custom Visuals? 

by Inforiver | Aug 08, 2022 |

Microsoft recently introduced tenant level permissions for exporting data from custom visuals, and certain steps need to be performed by the Power BI service administrator to explicitly grant permissions to custom visuals at the tenant level. This allows organizations to vet the custom visual publisher and the nature of the export request.  

To comply with data security requirements from Microsoft, Inforiver uses the Microsoft Power BI’s native Export API.  

Once this tenant level permission is enabled, users in your organization would be able to export Inforiver reports to PDF and Excel. Due to use of the Microsoft Export API, there is a 10 MB limitation – since most email clients don’t allow sharing of files greater than 10 MB and is also there to ensure that Microsoft Power BI services are not over-burdened.  

To export files greater than 10 MB in file size – Inforiver Enterprise which offers scheduling and bursting of pdf/excel files can be used. These files can also be configured to be delivered directly to OneDrive and SharePoint. 

The steps to be followed are listed below. 

  1. Go to Tenant settings and scroll down to Power BI visuals to manage the tenant settings for Power BI visuals from the Admin Portal. 
Manage Tenant settings - Admin Portal
  1. Expand the Allow downloads from custom visuals settings. 
  1. Select Enabled
  1. Choose who can download files: 
    a. Select The entire organization option to allow everyone in your organization to download data from a visual into a file. 
    b. Select the Specific security groups option to limit downloading files to specific security groups. Enter the security groups you want in the Enter security groups text bar. The security groups you specified are included by default. If you want to exclude these security groups and include everyone else in the organization, select the Except specific security groups option. 
  2. Select Apply
Enable Allow Downloads from custom visuals

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