Manage Totals & Subtotals

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Be it a normal table or a hierarchical matrix style report in Power BI, Inforiver allows you to seamlessly manage subtotals and grand totals in a couple of clicks.

Let us take the case of the following dataset, with hierarchies across both rows & columns.

Managing total & subtotal- Dataset with hiererchies

Note that

(a) the row subtotals (Beverages & Water) are the top, and

(b) the column subtotals (International Total & US Total) are at the right

(c) There are no grand totals for rows or columns.

Customizing total and subtotal options

Let us add the grand total for rows & columns. Click on Home --> Total from the menu. A set of options drop down.

Managing totals & subtotals - Total option for grand total of rows and columns

Turn on the first two options...

Turn on row and column grand total options

… and you would automatically see them reflected in the table.

Grant total gets reflected

Note that the report now features column Grand Total at the right, and row grand total at the top.

To change the positions of row & column subtotals and grand total, click on Total --> Positions

Position feature Inforiver

This opens a popup with several options.

Position feature pop up

Change the options as you desire...

Select in Position pop up

…and the row & column grand totals change the positions respectively to the bottom and the left.

Row grand total , column subtotal switch - Managing totals subtotals

There is another final interesting option that we need to try – “Enable row subtotal split”. Let me enable this and disable both the grand totals.

Enable row subtotal split option - Inforiver

Let us now look at Beverages. There is a header row with no values, followed by a set of records. At the end of this section, the records are totaled. This is the ‘split subtotal’ option. We decided to include this option in Inforiver as this format is commonly used in spreadsheets.

Split subtotal option - Inforiver manage total  & subtotal

And finally, the options explored above also allow you to create interesting patterns as shown below – where records are just grouped – with no subtotals. (Hint: Disable split subtotals AND turn off row subtotals).

Managing Totals & Subtotals

In summary, Inforiver allows you to manage row & column subtotals & grand totals the way you want in an intuitive & flexible manner. These methods work for both flat tables & hierarchies.

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