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Inforiver simplifies Pricing Plans

by Gopal Krishnamurthy | Apr 11, 2022 |

Updated - June 01, 2022

For the past several months, we had the opportunity to work closely with Inforiver customers and prospects. Most of our early adopter customers have modernized their reporting capabilities and are excited about delivering Inforiver’s innovative use cases like commenting, forecasting, and write-back to their business users. Several of them suggested that we simply our pricing tiers so that it can scale for the entire organization as they add more use cases to their rollouts.

This Pricing plan change delivers better clarity on costs as customers scale for hundreds of users. We also think it will drive adoption with business end-users who can now perform a lot of their daily productivity tasks with Inforiver’s no-code approach as well.

List of key changes:

1. We have eliminated the two-tier pricing structure (one for editors/creators and another for viewers). Going forward, both classes of users will be treated the same as far as pricing is concerned.  Therefore, this allows any viewer who likes Inforiver to now start building their own ad-hoc paginated reports, add forecast columns, visual calculations & formulae, annotations and more without having to upgrade their subscription.

2. Unlimited users and site license packages are now available for large enterprises for all of the Inforiver editions.

3. Inforiver (with no feature restrictions) is now completely free on Microsoft Power BI Desktop. This aligns fully with Microsoft’s “Free Power BI Desktop” strategy. (There is an exception to this though. Power BI Desktop doesn't support Inforiver’s formatted Export to Excel and PDF due to technical limitations that is not in our control)

4. The above implies that Inforiver licenses are only needed when you publish and share reports using Power BI Service and/or Power BI Report Server.

If you try to use Inforiver in a web browser (Power BI Service or Report Server) without a license, you will receive the following prompts:

In Edit Mode:

Edit mode - Inforiver pricing update

In Reading View:

Reading view inforiver

5. Existing customers already using Inforiver can easily migrate to the new pricing plan after logging into the customer portal. If the new pricing is lower, simply change your pricing plan and it would automatically provide credit/debit from your existing license amount paid already.

A note on Inforiver Community

We also strongly encourage Inforiver users to leverage the Community platform to ask your questions and to keep receiving key updates.

Want to explore more?

Learn more about Inforiver with our online resources - use cases, demos and webinars supported by business narratives. You can also take part in our ongoing Data Challenge and showcase your analytical skills.

Inforiver Charts

Inforiver Matrix and Inforiver Charts are unbundled and are separate a-la-carte purchases. Customers who purchased on or before May 31st 2022 will be grandfathered and will get charts for free under our prior licensing plans .

Inforiver Charts is currently available for Preview from June 01st and will be generally available for purchase from July 20th 2022.

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