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Inforiver data challenge

Do you have a strong penchant for data analytics and visualization?
We have some exciting news for you!

We’re launching the ‘Inforiver Data Challenge’ for you to explore and reveal your analytical skills, and win some cool goodies along the way.

Use this opportunity to test and reveal your skills with our brand-new data challenge series with Inforiver!


How to play the challenge?

A dataset will be provided to all the participants.
Your objective is to analyze the dataset given and build a compelling visual financial report. Note that the report must contain at least one INFORIVER VISUAL


How do I submit my entry?
  1.  Post an image of the dashboard that you have created in INFORIVER COMMUNITY
  2.  Submit the PBIX file through a SUBMISSION FORM

You have to do both for your submission to be valid.


Are there any awards?

Three winning entries will be awarded Amazon gift cards - $500 USD for the winner and $250 each for the two runners.

Apart from the winners, other participants will also have exciting badges to be won!

How are the winners chosen?

The three winning entries and badges will be selected based on the overall creativity, appeal and utility of the report by an industry expert.


Is a purchase necessary to participate?

No purchase is necessary to participate. This challenge is open to everyone.

You can register for a FREE TRIAL of Inforiver Premium from our website. In case you need any help, feel free to REACH OUT TO US.


Check out the results for Inforiver Data Challenge - March 22' here
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