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Inforiver launches Professional Edition in Microsoft App Source

by Inforiver | Oct 13, 2021 | ,

Inforiver recently launched its Professional Edition in Microsoft App Source. Following are the excerpts from the Power BI Monthly Blog (Oct 21).

Inforiver Professional Edition

Inforiver is the fastest way to build reports in Power BI. You can rapidly deliver complex financial statements, P&L reports, management, and variance reports with the help of our built-in visual formula engine with no IT or DAX knowledge.

Inforiver professional edition supports the following key use cases: Reporting, Visualization and Analysis. The innovative built-in toolbar provides single-click styling, alignment, and several formatting options, and delivers unparalleled end-user self-service, interactivity, and collaboration experiences. The professional edition is ideal for building formatted financial statements.

Feature highlights

Formatted & paginated reporting:

  • Pagination with first-previous-next-last navigation
  • Excel-like quick formatting (cell, rows, and columns)
  • One-click business templates, including five International Business Communication Standards (IBCS) certified table templates
  • Row/column reordering using an intuitive click-and-drag interface
  • Row/column grouping as in spreadsheets to create visual-level hierarchies
  • Automatic number formatting
  • Grand & subtotal positioning (top or bottom) as well as split totals
  • Flexible row height options
  • Expand/collapse individual columns for pivot analysis
  • Hide /show columns using manage columns (you can build asymmetric tables)
  • Freeze and pin multiple rows at the same time and across pages
  • Ragged hierarchy handling

Visual-level calculations:

  • Cell edits and cell level formulas
  • Insert calculated rows using intuitive formula editor
  • Create manual rows with data entry enabled
  • Insert visual measures and columns


  • One-click conditional formatting options
  • 1-click visualizations
  • Perform Top N + Others calculations in a few seconds without having to write any DAX scripting
  • Cell-level notes & annotations
  • Apply nested and grouped filters with a combination of AND + OR conditions
  • Toggle between hierarchy and table navigation options
  • Paginated & Formatted Export to Excel/spreadsheets

Learn more by watching the demo video below.

Inforiver launches Professional Edition in Microsoft App Source

Check this sample demo file to learn more :

The professional edition includes everything available in the Inforiver Standard edition, and more.

However, if the following capabilities are needed, consider upgrading to the Premium edition:

  • Formatted Export to PDF
  • Manual input with spreading, distribution & allocations
  • Simulations for planning, forecasting & budgeting

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