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Need help?

Is there a specific topic where you need help? Perhaps a lingering problem that you would like to solve using Inforiver? We strongly encourage Inforiver users to leverage the community to get your questions answered and to keep receiving key updates. 

Who is eligible for a free license through this program? 

To qualify for a free license through the Inforiver for Students program, you must be currently enrolled at an accredited academic institution at the K-12 or postsecondary (undergraduate/postgraduate) level. You must be 16 years of age or older to request a license. 

I requested a license, but never heard back. What should I do? 

Make sure there are no spelling mistakes/typos in the mail id used for registration. 

Check your spam folder or whitelist

If that doesn’t work, reach out to your IT team, and ask them to whitelist the domain at the firewall level. You would start receiving subsequent emails from us in your inbox. 

If you still have difficulties, reach out to us here

I requested a license but provided the wrong email address. How can I fix this?  

If the email that was used on the student request form is no longer valid or is incorrect, please reach to us through this form and provide relevant details – description of the issue, the previous email and the new email to be used. 

Can I use my student license as part of my internship or job? 

Absolutely! No additional documentation is required. 

My license expired, but I’m still a student. Can you extend my license? 

If you are still currently enrolled at an accredited academic institution, you can request an extension by reaching out to us through this form

What version of Inforiver are the student licenses for? 

Licenses provided through the Student Program can be used to activate any version of Inforiver Matrix.  

How do I upgrade to the latest version? 

You can download the latest version by logging into the user portal. Import this new visual in your Power BI report, select the visual in the canvas and click on the newly imported visual in the Visualizations pane. 

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Inforiver is the fastest way to do everything in Power BI. It enables citizen developer productivity and unleashes true self-service with our intuitive and interactive no-code data app suite for Microsoft Power BI. The product is developed by Lumel Technologies Inc, who are #1 Power BI Visuals AppSource Partner serving over 3,000+ customers worldwide with their xViz, Inforiver, and ValQ offerings.
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