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Drive IBCS adoption​ across your enterprise​

​Traditional software tools for IBCS reporting adopt a strict, standards-centric approach that limits adoption to specific teams or geographies.

Leverage Inforiver’s inclusive & flexible approach to support users and teams at various levels of maturity & readiness; Consolidate IBCS and non-IBCS users on a single platform

* IBCS: International Business Communication Standards

IBCS Reporting



1. Use one-click, interchangeable IBCS templates ​

​Accelerate your reporting by leveraging easily interchangeable IBCS templates; this ensures you are not building any template from scratch.

Interchangeable IBCS Template Inforiver

2. Leverage responsive IBCS visuals

Experience the best visual experience regardless of the canvas size for your IBCS reports.


3. Automatic variance and total calculations

Automatically calculate and visualize variances between actuals, forecasts, plans, and prior year for your IBCS reports. Totals and subtotals are calculated automatically.

Automatic Variance & Totals Calculation

4. Use solid, outlined, hatched IBCS notations

Visualize metrics for actuals, forecasts, plans, and prior year in the relevant IBCS notation​.

Solid, Outlined, Hatched Notation​

5. Leverage 50+ charts

Go beyond IBCS templates and adopt newer chart types, KPI cards, and advanced tables.


6. Export to high-quality, multi-page PDF files

Deliver pixel-perfect, formatted PDF exports of both charts & tables without losing formatting​​.


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Fastest way to create IBCS reports in Power BI | Inforiver

IBCS visuals in matrix/tabular reports

Experience the fastest way to deliver insightful visualizations following IBCS standards using Inforiver Matrix.

IBCS tables

These features are available in Inforiver Matrix & Enterprise

apply -ibcs-standards-to-hierarchical-dataenrich-and-edit-data-in-ibcs-reportsinsert-formula-rows-and-columnsadd-multi-line-headers-notes-footnotes-out-of-boxdrive-data-level-threaded-conversationsinvert-signs

1. Apply IBCS standards to hierarchical data

Leverage visualization elements on hierarchical data efficiently​.


2. Enrich and edit data presented in your IBCS reports​

Edit values, use formulate with cell references, and insert calculated rows, columns & measures​.


3. Insert formula rows and columns​

Leverage a powerful formula engine to insert rows, columns, and measures at the visual level.​


4. Add multi-line headers, notes & footnotes out of the box

Enhance your reports with formattable multi-line headers, cell / row / column-level notes, footnotes & annotations​.


5. Drive data-level threaded conversations

Converse at a data- or KPI-level with your peers right from within the IBCS reports​.


6. Invert signs

Handle accounting signs for expense items using the Invert and Influence total options​.


Featured video

Fastest way to create IBCS reports in Power BI | Inforiver

IBCS charts for Power BI

Experience the fastest way to deliver insightful IBCS charts using Inforiver Analytics+

IBCS charts

These features are available in Inforiver Analytics+


1. Deliver hierarchical small multiple IBCS charts

Experience a true multi-dimensional analysis experience in your IBCS reports. Add categories to rows, columns, axes, and legends, and enable hierarchy expand/collapse in rows, columns, and x-axis.


2. Integrate customizable KPI cards in your IBCS charts

Insert KPI cards in a single click using available presets; cards can be customized further.

KPI Matrix Column

3. Deliver Boxplots, Marimekko & stacked column charts in IBCS format

Build IBCS-compliant boxplots, Marimekko charts, and stacked columns in a matter of minutes.


4. Incorporate dynamic annotations in your IBCS reports

Tell compelling stories using dynamic data-level comments. It supports options such as small multiples, vertical text orientation, dynamic data tags, and more.​

Dynamic Data-Level Comments

5. Delivery dynamic Top N + Others filtering in your IBCS charts

Filter the top/bottom N categories and display the rest as others​.

Top N + Others

6. Use scale bands to enhance readability of variances

The scale bands, introduced from IBCS version 1.1, help magnify smaller variances thereby enhancing readability

Scale Band Functionality​

7. Runtime dynamic deviations for IBCS reports

View deviation between two data points during runtime​.

Runtime Dynamic Deviation

8. Dynamic axis sizing

Dynamically re-size your Y axis to zoom into large value ranges with minimal deviations​.

Dynamic Axis Break

9. Customize the IBCS theme as per your needs

Customize theme options to blend IBCS standards with other visualization best practices​.

Rich themes

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